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1    a person or thing that scans  
2    a device, usually electronic, used to measure or sample the distribution of some quantity or condition in a particular system, region, or area  
3    an aerial or similar device designed to transmit or receive signals, esp. radar signals, inside a given solid angle of space, thus allowing a particular region to be scanned  
4    any of various devices used in medical diagnosis to obtain an image of an internal organ or part  
   See       CAT scanner       nuclear magnetic resonance scanner       ultrasound scanner  
5    Informal   a television outside broadcast vehicle  
6       short for       optical scanner  
7      (Printing)   an electronic device which scans artwork and illustrations and converts the images to digital form for manipulation, and incorporation into printed publications  

CAT scanner  
      n      former name for       CT scanner  
     (C20: (C)omputerized (A)xial (T)omography)  
CT scanner  
      n   computerized tomography scanner: an X-ray machine that can produce stereographic images,   (Former name)    CAT scanner  
flat-bed scanner  
      n   a computer-controlled device which electronically scans images placed on its flat plate, allowing them to be manipulated and stored for later use such as in desktop publishing  
nuclear magnetic resonance scanner  
      n   a machine for the medical technique in which changes in the constituent atoms of the body under the influence of a powerful electromagnet are used to generate computed images of the internal organs  
optical scanner  
      n   a computer peripheral device enabling printed material, including characters and diagrams, to be scanned and converted into a form that can be stored in a computer  
   See also       optical character reader  
ultrasound scanner  
      n   a device used to examine an internal bodily structure by the use of ultrasonic waves, esp. for the diagnosis of abnormality in a fetus  
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