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score out


      vb   tr, adv   to delete or cancel by marking through with a line or lines; cross out  
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1    grade, mark, outcome, points, record, result, total  
2    the score        (informal)   the facts, the lie of the land, the reality, the setup     (informal)   the situation, the truth  
3    a flock, a great number, an army, a throng, crowds, droves, hosts, hundreds, legions, lots, masses, millions, multitudes, myriads, swarms, very many  
4    account, basis, cause, ground, grounds, reason  
5    a bone to pick, grievance, grudge, injury, injustice, wrong  
6    pay off old scores      avenge, get even with     (informal)   get one's own back     (informal)   give an eye for an eye, give like for like or tit for tat, give (someone) a taste of his own medicine, hit back, pay (someone) back (in his own coin), repay, requite, retaliate  
7    account, amount due, bill, charge, debt, obligation, reckoning, tab     (U.S. informal)   tally, total  
8    achieve, amass, chalk up     (informal)   gain, make, notch up     (informal)   win  
9    count, keep a tally of, keep count, record, register, tally  
10    crosshatch, cut, deface, gouge, graze, indent, mar, mark, nick, notch, scrape, scratch, slash  
11      (with)       out or through   cancel, cross out, delete, obliterate, put a line through, strike out  
12      (Music)   adapt, arrange, orchestrate, set  
13    gain an advantage, go down well with (someone), impress, make a hit     (informal)   make an impact or impression, make a point, put oneself across, triumph  

score off     
be one up on     (informal)   get the better of, have the laugh on, humiliate, make a fool of, make (someone) look silly, worst  

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