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scrub typhus


      n   an acute febrile disease characterized by severe headache, skin rash, chills, and swelling of the lymph nodes, caused by the bite of mites infected with the microorganism Rickettsia tsutsugamushi: occurs mainly in Asia, Australia, and the islands of the western Pacific  
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scrub          [1]  
      vb   , scrubs, scrubbing, scrubbed  
1    to rub (a surface) hard, with or as if with a brush, soap, and water, in order to clean it  
2    to remove (dirt), esp. by rubbing with a brush and water  
3    intr; foll by: up   (of a surgeon) to wash the hands and arms thoroughly before operating  
4    tr   to purify (a vapour or gas) by removing impurities  
5    tr  
Informal   to delete or cancel  
6    intr     (Horse racing, slang)   (of jockeys) to urge a horse forwards by moving the arms and whip rhythmically forwards and backwards alongside its neck  
7    the act of or an instance of scrubbing,   (See also)        scrub round  
     (C14: from Middle Low German schrubben, or Middle Dutch schrobben)  

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1    clean, cleanse, rub, scour  
2      (informal)   abandon, abolish, call off, cancel, delete, discontinue, do away with, drop, forget about, give up  

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