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1    a single oar moved from side to side over the stern of a boat to propel it  
2    one of a pair of short-handled oars, both of which are pulled by one oarsman, esp. in a racing shell  
3    a racing shell propelled by an oarsman or oarsmen pulling two oars  
4    pl   a race between racing shells, each propelled by one, two, or four oarsmen pulling two oars  
5    an act, instance, period, or distance of sculling  
6    to propel (a boat) with a scull  
     (C14: of unknown origin)  
  sculler      n  

double scull  
      n     (Rowing)   a racing shell in which two scullers sit one behind the other and pull two oars each  
   Compare       pair-oar  
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