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1    the art of making figures or designs in relief or the round by carving wood, moulding plaster, etc., or casting metals, etc.  
2    works or a work made in this way  
3    ridges or indentations as on a shell, formed by natural processes  
4    the gradual formation of the landscape by erosion  
      vb   mainly tr  
5    also intr   to carve, cast, or fashion (stone, bronze, etc.) three dimensionally  
6    to portray (a person, etc.) by means of sculpture  
7    to form in the manner of sculpture, esp. to shape (landscape) by erosion  
8    to decorate with sculpture,   (Also (for senses 5--8))    sculpt  
     (C14: from Latin sculptura a carving; see sculpt)  
  sculptural      adj  
  sculpturally      adv  
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      vb   carve, chisel, cut, fashion, form, hew, model, mould, sculp, sculpt, shape  

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