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1    a layer of impure matter that forms on the surface of a liquid, often as the result of boiling or fermentation  
2    the greenish film of algae and similar vegetation surface of a stagnant pond  
3      (Also called)    dross, scruff   the skin of oxides or impurities on the surface of a molten metal  
4    waste matter  
5    a worthless person or group of people  
      vb   , scums, scumming, scummed  
6    tr   to remove scum from  
7    intr  
Rare   to form a layer of or become covered with scum  
     (C13: of Germanic origin; related to Old High German scum, Middle Dutch schum, Old French escume; see skim)  
  scumlike      adj  
  scummer      n  
  scummy      adj  

pond scum  
      n   a greenish layer floating on the surface of stagnant waters, consisting of various freshwater algae  
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1    algae, crust, dross, film, froth, impurities, offscourings, scruff  
2      (figurative)   canaille, dregs of society, dross, lowest of the low, rabble, ragtag and bobtail, riffraff, rubbish, trash     (chiefly U.S. & Canad.)  

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