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1    the line along which pieces of fabric are joined, esp. by stitching  
2    a ridge or line made by joining two edges  
3    a stratum of coal, ore, etc.  
4    in a good seam     (Northern English)  
dialect   doing well, esp. financially  
5    a linear indentation, such as a wrinkle or scar  
6      (Surgery)      another name for       suture       1b  
7      (Anatomy)      another name for       raphe       3  
8    modifier     (Cricket)   of or relating to a style of bowling in which the bowler utilizes the stitched seam round the ball in order to make it swing in flight and after touching the ground  
a seam bowler     
9    bursting at the seams   full to overflowing  
10    tr   to join or sew together by or as if by a seam  
11      (U.S.)   to make ridges in (knitting) using purl stitch  
12    to mark or become marked with or as if with a seam or wrinkle  
     (Old English; related to Old Norse saumr, Old High German soum)  

French seam  
      n   a seam in which the edges are not visible  
seam bowler   , seamer  
      n     (Cricket)   a fast bowler who makes the ball bounce on its seam so that it will change direction  
  seam bowling      n  
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1    closure, joint, suture     (Surgery)  
2    layer, lode, stratum, vein  
3    furrow, line, ridge, scar, wrinkle  

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