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1    a part or subdivision, esp. of a society or an economy  
the private sector     
2      (Geometry)   either portion of a circle included between two radii and an arc. Area: ½r2θ, where r is the radius and θ is the central angle subtended by the arc (in radians)  
3    a measuring instrument consisting of two graduated arms hinged at one end  
4    a part or subdivision of an area of military operations  
5      (Computing)   the smallest addressable portion of the track on a magnetic tape, disk, or drum store  
     (C16: from Late Latin: sector, from Latin: a cutter, from secare to cut)  
  sectoral      adj  

private sector  
      n   the part of a country's economy that consists of privately owned enterprises  
   Compare       public sector  
public sector  
      n   the part of an economy that consists of state-owned institutions, including nationalized industries and services provided by local authorities  
   Compare       private sector  
warm sector  
      n     (Meteorol)   a wedge of warm air between the warm and cold fronts of a depression, which is eventually occluded  
   See also       cold front       warm front  
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area, category, district, division, part, quarter, region, stratum, subdivision, zone  

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