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1    the act or an instance of selecting or the state of being selected  
2    a thing or number of things that have been selected  
3    a range from which something may be selected  
this shop has a good selection of clothes     
4      (Biology)   the natural or artificial process by which certain organisms or characters are reproduced and perpetuated in the species in preference to others  
   See also       natural selection  
5    a contestant in a race chosen as likely to win or come second or third  
6      (Austral)  
a    the act of free-selecting  
b    a tract of land acquired by free-selection  

kin selection  
      n     (Biology)   natural selection resulting from altruistic behaviour by animals towards members of the same species, esp. their offspring or other relatives  
natural selection  
      n   a process resulting in the survival of those individuals from a population of animals or plants that are best adapted to the prevailing environmental conditions. The survivors tend to produce more offspring than those less well adapted, so that the composition of the population is changed  
sexual selection  
      n   an evolutionary process in animals, in which selection by females of males with certain characters, such as large antlers or bright plumage, results in the preservation of these characters in the species  
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1    choice, choosing, option, pick, preference  
2    anthology, assortment, choice, collection, line-up, medley, miscellany, mixed bag     (informal)   pick 'n' mix, potpourri, range, variety  

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