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      vb   , sends, sending, sent  
1    tr   to cause or order (a person or thing) to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place  
to send a letter, she sent the salesman away     
2    when intr, foll by: for; when tr, takes an infinitive   to dispatch a request or command (for something or to do something)  
he sent for a bottle of wine, he sent to his son to come home     
3    tr   to direct or cause to go to a place or point  
his blow sent the champion to the floor     
4    tr   to bring to a state or condition  
this noise will send me mad     
5    tr; often foll by: forth, out, etc.   to cause to issue; emit  
his cooking sent forth a lovely smell from the kitchen     
6    tr   to cause to happen or come  
misery sent by fate     
7    to transmit (a message) by radio, esp. in the form of pulses  
8    tr  
Slang   to move to excitement or rapture  
this music really sends me     
9    send (someone) about his or her business   to dismiss or get rid of (someone)  
10    send (someone) packing   to dismiss or get rid of (someone) peremptorily  
11       another word for       swash       4     (See also)        send down       sendoff       send up  
     (Old English sendan; related to Old Norse senda, Gothic sandjan, Old High German senten)  
  sendable      adj  
  sender      n  
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