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1    a novel, play, etc., presented in separate instalments at regular intervals  
2    a publication, usually regularly issued and consecutively numbered  
3    of, relating to, or resembling a series  
4    published or presented as a serial  
5    of or relating to such publication or presentation  
6      (Computing)   of or operating on items of information, instructions, etc., in the order in which they occur  
   Compare       parallel       5  
7    of, relating to, or using the techniques of serialism  
8      (Logic, maths)   (of a relation) connected, transitive, and asymmetric, thereby imposing an order on all the members of the domain, as less than on the natural numbers  
   See also       ordering  
     (C19: from New Latin serialis, from Latin series series)  
  serially      adv  

serial correlation  
      n     (Statistics)      another name for       autocorrelation  
serial killer  
      n   a person who carries out a series of murders  
serial monogamy  
      n   the practice of having a number of long-term romantic or sexual partners in succession  
serial number  
      n   any of the consecutive numbers assigned to machines, tools, books, etc.  
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