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      vb   , sets, setting, set   mainly tr  
1    to put or place in position or into a specified state or condition  
to set a book on the table, to set someone free     
2    also intr; foll by: to or on   to put or be put (to); apply or be applied  
he set fire to the house, they set the dogs on the scent     
3    to put into order or readiness for use; prepare  
to set a trap, to set the table for dinner     
4    also intr   to put, form, or be formed into a jelled, firm, fixed, or rigid state  
the jelly set in three hours     
5    also intr   to put or be put into a position that will restore a normal state  
to set a broken bone     
6    to adjust (a clock or other instrument) to a position  
7    to determine or establish  
we have set the date for our wedding     
8    to prescribe or allot (an undertaking, course of study, etc.)  
the examiners have set ``Paradise Lost''     
9    to arrange in a particular fashion, esp. an attractive one  
she set her hair, the jeweller set the diamonds in silver     
10    (of clothes) to hang or fit (well or badly) when worn  
11      (Also)    set to music   to provide music for (a poem or other text to be sung)  
12      (Also)    set up     (Printing)   to arrange or produce (type, film, etc.) from (text or copy); compose  
13    to arrange (a stage, television studio, etc.) with scenery and props  
14    to describe or present (a scene or the background to a literary work, story, etc.) in words  
his novel is set in Russia     
15    to present as a model of good or bad behaviour (esp. in the phrases set an example, set a good example, set a bad example)  
16    foll by: on or by   to value (something) at a specified price or estimation of worth  
he set a high price on his services     
17    foll by: at   to price (the value of something) at a specified sum  
he set his services at £300     
18    also intr   to give or be given a particular direction  
his course was set to the East     
19    also intr   to rig (a sail) or (of a sail) to be rigged so as to catch the wind  
20    intr   (of the sun, moon, etc.) to disappear beneath the horizon  
21    to leave (dough, etc.) in one place so that it may prove  
22    to sharpen (a cutting blade) by grinding or honing the angle adjacent to the cutting edge  
23    to displace alternate teeth of (a saw) to opposite sides of the blade in order to increase the cutting efficiency  
24    to sink (the head of a nail) below the surface surrounding it by using a nail set  
25      (Computing)   to give (a binary circuit) the value 1  
26    (of plants) to produce (fruits, seeds, etc.) after pollination or (of fruits or seeds) to develop after pollination  
27    to plant (seeds, seedlings, etc.)  
28    to place (a hen) on (eggs) for the purpose of incubation  
29    intr   (of a gun dog) to turn in the direction of game, indicating its presence  
30      (Scot. and Irish)   to let or lease  
to set a house     
31      (Bridge)   to defeat (one's opponents) in their attempt to make a contract  
32       a dialect word for       sit  
33    set eyes on   to see  
34    the act of setting or the state of being set  
35    a condition of firmness or hardness  
36    bearing, carriage, or posture  
the set of a gun dog when pointing     
37    the fit or hang of a garment, esp. when worn  
38    the scenery and other props used in and identifying the location of a stage or television production, film, etc.  
39      (Also called)    set width     (Printing)  
a    the width of the body of a piece of type  
b    the width of the lines of type in a page or column  
40      (Nautical)  
a    the cut of the sails or the arrangement of the sails, spars, rigging, etc., of a vessel  
b    the direction from which a wind is blowing or towards which a tide or current is moving  
41      (Psychol)   a temporary bias disposing an organism to react to a stimulus in one way rather than in others  
42    a seedling, cutting, or similar part that is ready for planting  
onion sets     
43    a blacksmith's tool with a short head similar to a cold chisel set transversely onto a handle and used, when struck with a hammer, for cutting off lengths of iron bars  
44       See       nail set  
45    a mechanical distortion of shape or alignment  
46       a variant spelling of       sett  
47    fixed or established by authority or agreement  
set hours of work     
48    usually postpositive   rigid or inflexible  
she is set in her ways     
49    conventional, artificial, or stereotyped, rather than spontaneous  
she made her apology in set phrases     
50    postpositive; foll by: on or upon   resolute in intention  
he is set upon marrying     
51    (of a book, etc.) prescribed for students' preparation for an examination,   (See also)        set about       set against       set aside       set back       set down       set forth       set in       set off       set on       set out       set to       set up       set upon  
     (Old English settan, causative of sittan to sit; related to Old Frisian setta, Old High German sezzan)  
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competitive set: a group of other brands offering a similar product or service, to the same consumers
to be likely to do something
banks set to miss lending targets
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