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1    tr   to put in order; arrange in a desired state or condition  
he settled his affairs before he died     
2    to arrange or be arranged in a fixed or comfortable position  
he settled himself by the fire     
3    intr   to come to rest or a halt  
a bird settled on the hedge     
4    to take up or cause to take up residence  
the family settled in the country     
5    to establish or become established in a way of life, job, residence, etc.  
6    tr   to migrate to and form a community; colonize  
7    to make or become quiet, calm, or stable  
8    intr   to be cast or spread; come down  
fog settled over a wide area     
9    to make (a liquid) clear or (of a liquid) to become clear; clarify  
10    to cause (sediment) to sink to the bottom, as in a liquid, or (of sediment) to sink thus  
11    to subside or cause to subside and become firm or compact  
the dust settled     
12    sometimes foll by: up   to pay off or account for (a bill, debt, etc.)  
13    tr   to decide, conclude, or dispose of  
to settle an argument     
14    intr; often foll by: on or upon   to agree or fix  
to settle upon a plan     
15    tr; usually foll by: on or upon   to secure (title, property, etc.) to a person, as by making a deed of settlement, will, etc.  
he settled his property on his wife     
16    to determine (a legal dispute, etc.) by agreement of the parties without resort to court action (esp. in the phrase settle out of court),   (See also)        settle down       settle for       settle in       settle with  
     (Old English setlan; related to Dutch zetelen; see settle2)  
  settleable      adj  
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