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1    often pl   a metal ring or fastening, usually part of a pair used to secure a person's wrists or ankles; fetter  
2    often pl   anything that confines or restricts freedom  
3    a rope, tether, or hobble for an animal  
4    a U-shaped bracket, the open end of which is closed by a bolt (shackle pin), used for securing ropes, chains, etc.  
      vb   tr  
5    to confine with or as if with shackles  
6    to fasten or connect with a shackle  
     (Old English sceacel; related to Dutch schakel, Old Norse skokull wagon pole, Latin cingere to surround)  
  shackler      n  
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1      (often plural)    bond, chain, fetter, gyve     (archaic)   handcuff, hobble, iron, leg-iron, manacle, rope, tether  
2    bind, chain, fetter, handcuff, hobble, manacle, pinion, put in irons, secure, tether, tie, trammel  
3    constrain, embarrass, encumber, hamper, hamstring, impede, inhibit, limit, obstruct, restrain, restrict, tie (someone's) hands  

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