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shadow price


      n     (Economics)   the calculated price of a good or service for which no market price exists  
Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  
1    a dark image or shape cast on a surface by the interception of light rays by an opaque body  
2    an area of relative darkness  
3    the dark portions of a picture  
4    a hint, image, or faint semblance  
beyond a shadow of a doubt     
5    a remnant or vestige  
a shadow of one's past self     
6    a reflection  
7    a threatening influence; blight  
a shadow over one's happiness     
8    a spectre  
9    an inseparable companion  
10    a person who trails another in secret, such as a detective  
11      (Med)   a dark area on an X-ray film representing an opaque structure or part  
12    (in Jungian psychology) the archetype that represents man's animal ancestors  
13    Archaic or rare   protection or shelter  
14    modifier     (Brit)   designating a member or members of the main opposition party in Parliament who would hold ministerial office if their party were in power  
shadow Chancellor, shadow cabinet     
      vb   tr  
15    to cast a shadow over  
16    to make dark or gloomy; blight  
17    to shade from light  
18    to follow or trail secretly  
19    often foll by: forth   to represent vaguely  
20      (Painting, drawing, etc.)      another word for       shade       13  
     (Old English sceadwe, oblique case of sceadu shade; related to Dutch schaduw)  
  shadower      n  
  shadowless      adj  

eye shadow  
      n   a coloured cosmetic put around the eyes so as to enhance their colour or shape  
five-o'clock shadow  
      n   beard growth visible late in the day on a man's shaven face  
rain shadow  
      n   the relatively dry area on the leeward side of high ground in the path of rain-bearing winds  
      vb   intr  
1      (Boxing)   to practise blows and footwork against an imaginary opponent  
2    to act or speak unconvincingly, without saying what one means, etc.  
he's just shadow-boxing     
  shadow-boxing      n  
shadow mask  
      n     (Television)   a perforated metal sheet mounted close to the phosphor-dotted screen in some colour television tubes. The holes are positioned so that each of the three electron beams strikes the correct phosphor dot producing the required colour mixture in the image  
shadow play  
      n   a theatrical entertainment using shadows thrown by puppets or actors onto a lighted screen  
shadow price  
      n     (Economics)   the calculated price of a good or service for which no market price exists  
shadow test  
      n     (Med)      another name for       retinoscopy  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English definition-Thesaurus  




1    cover, darkness, dimness, dusk, gathering darkness, gloaming     (Scot. or poetic)   gloom, obscurity, protection, shade, shelter  
2    hint, suggestion, suspicion, trace  
3    eidolon, ghost, image, phantom, remnant, representation, spectre, vestige  
4    blight, cloud, gloom, sadness  
5    cast a shadow over, darken, overhang, screen, shade, shield  
6    dog, follow, spy on, stalk, tail     (informal)   trail  

Dictionnaire anglais Collins English synonyme-Thesaurus  

Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais Définition
raise a price after agreeing on a lower one
Common real estate term but 'of uncertain origin'. However WW1 Australian soldier's diary records: "Huge rubber gun gazumps were falling all over the town [Watten]..." A weapon?
lower a price at the last minute to secure a sale
the chamber pot meaning is the NOUN. This is the verb.
someone who re-posts a genuine online listing for a book at an inflated price on another website. If someone buys from the bookjacker, he buys the book from the original seller and provides him with the address of the customer. The bookjacker never sees or handles the book, but collects his margin.
[Bus.] Syn. dropshipper.
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