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   (=in this place)   ici  
→ Well, I can't stand here chatting all day.        
→ Sheila was in here a minute ago.        
→ She left here yesterday.        
→ She always comes here on her holidays        
→ I'm here all by myself.        
→ Come and sit here, Lauren.        
→ The book goes into recent work in greater detail than I have attempted here.        
→ If you will just sign here.        
→ It's here.        
I live here.      J'habite ici.  
Come here!      Viens ici!  
here to do sth, I'm here to help you.      Je suis là pour vous aider.  
I'm not here to listen to your complaints.      Je ne suis pas là pour écouter vos doléances.  
here and there      ici et là  
→ I do a bit of teaching here and there.        
→ He could only understand a word here and there.        
here and now      (=at the present time)   ici et maintenant  
→ I'm a practising physician trying to help people here and now.        
→ I'm making it blatantly clear here and now that this is for real        
→ the life being lived here and now        
   here is ...      voici ...  
Here's Helen.      Voici Helen.  
Here`s my sister.      Voici ma sœur.  
Here's my phone number.      Voici mon numéro de téléphone.  
here he is!      (=he's just arrived)   le voici!  
→ Here's John at last.        
here she is!      (=she's just arrived)   la voici!  
here she comes!      la voici qui arrive!  
   here are ...      voici ...  
Here are the books.      Voici les livres.  
→ Here are those notes I was going to give you.        
   here you are!      (=take this)   tenez!  
   here we are!      (=found it!)   voici!  
   "here's to ... "        [+person, success]     (toast)    "à ... "  
→ Here's to Eddie        
   here goes ...        (when trying sth)    allons-y ...  
→ Dr Culver nervously muttered "Here goes," and gave the little girl an injection.        
   here we go!        (when sth starts happening)    allons-y !  
→ "Police! Open up!" -- "Oh well," I thought, "here we go."        
→ Okay, here we go, let's see what we can achieve        
here we go again!      c'est reparti!  
→ At first, he was told he was too young and I thought, "Oh, boy, here we go again."        
     (at school)    "here!"      (=present)   "présent!"  
      excl   tiens!, tenez!
in the here and now      dans le présent  
→ Instead of staying in the here and now, you hark back to the past.        
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à la tienne/vôtre
à la mienne
à la nôtre
Voici Helen.
à la sienne
à la sienne
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"Here's looking at you kid [" : exemples et traductions en contexte
Here's looking at you kid. Au plaisir de te regarder, ma petite.
Well, looking at you kids, I know I made the right choice in life. En vous regardant les enfants, je sais que j'ai fait les bons choix dans ma vie.
"Here's lookin' at you Kid." "On se revoit bientôt, poupée"!
Here's looking at my iphone, dad. Il regarde mon iphone, papa.
Here's looking at you, kid. Je vous ai à l'oeil, gamin.
Here's looking at you, kid. Il te regarde, mon gars.
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