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alternative multi-manager fund n.
fonds de multigestion alternative

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fonds de multigestion
gestionnaire de fonds d'investissement alternatifs ; gestionnaire de FIA
[Fin.] Acronym: AIFM
gérant de fonds d'investissement alternatifs
médicament de relais
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alternative multi-manager fund ; alternative multi-manager funds (pl)
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[method, approach, way, plans, arrangements]  
→ To inspire staff, businesses should be looking at alternative ways that are often far more effective and longer lasting than pay rises.        
→ We anticipate long delays over the next two weekends, and anyone travelling to Edinburgh or Glasgow should be looking to make alternative arrangements.        
[source]   autre  
→ Employment patterns are changing as companies turn to alternative sources to find workers.        
[route, date, flight]   de remplacement  
→ The road was closed and motorists were advised to find an alternative route over the Pennines.        
[career, employment]   de remplacement  
→ They had a right to seek alternative employment        
→ The road was closed and motorists were advised to find an alternative route over the Pennines.        
They made alternative plans.      Ils ont pris d'autres dispositions.  
Alternative methods of travel are available.      Il existe d'autres façons de voyager.  
an alternative solution      une solution de rechange  
→ The state Transportation Commission had ordered a study of alternative solutions to the problem of steady growth and increasingly heavy traffic in the Seattle area.        
an alternative explanation      une autre explication  
→ People still try to find an alternative explanation.        
   (=unconventional, not mainstream)  
[energy, technology]  
alternatif (-ive)     
→ the role of alternative technology        
[society]   alternatif (-ive)     
différent (e)  , non conventionnel (le)     
→ unconventional parents who embraced the alternative lifestyle of the Sixties        
[comedy, comedian]   nouveau (nouvelle)     
→ street theatre and alternative comedy        
alternative forms of transport      de nouvelles formes de transport  
    alternative medicine  
   (=choice)   alternative    f     
(=other possibility)  
autre possibilité    f     
→ The medicines I have used so far have had no effect. Can you suggest an alternative?        
→ How about natural gas? Is that an alternative?        
→ Teacher training is a lengthy process. An alternative would be for you to consider a post as a teaching assistant.        
There are several alternatives.      Il y a plusieurs possibilités.  
We have several alternatives.      Nous avons plusieurs possibilités.  
What's the alternative?      Quelle est l'alternative ?  
→ Some might regard as cruel any legal system that subjects young children to this kind of questioning. But the question they have to ask is: what is the alternative?        
to have no alternative      ne pas avoir le choix  
→ It's a huge thing for Mark, leaving his family and friends in secret. But I know he has no alternative        
→ Despite a distinct feeling of anxiety, he sees no alternative        
You have no alternative.      Tu n'a pas le choix.  
There is no alternative.      Il n'y a pas le choix.  
→ a refusal to back down unless there is no alternative        
→ We are very much committed to moving on the path of peace because there is no alternative        
there is no alternative but to ...      il n'y a pas d'autre solution que de ...  
→ When someone has broken their contract with you, there is no alternative but to go to court        
→ there seems no alternative but to put up with it        
to have no alternative but to ...      ne pas avoir d'autre solution que de ...  
→ The government has no alternative but to raise taxes.        
an alternative to sth      (=other choice)   une solution alternative à qch  
→ Acupuncture may provide an alternative to painkillers.        
→ We are looking for alternatives to prison for young people.        
→ gas lighting was still considered a viable alternative to electric lighting        
Fruit is a healthy alternative to chocolate.      Les fruits constituent une solution alternative saine au chocolat.  

alternative medicine  
      n   médecine    f   douce
Traduction Dictionnaire Collins Anglais - Français  
"alternative multi-manager fund" : exemples et traductions en contexte
) and investment products such as traditional funds, alternative funds of funds, multi-manager funds and structured products. Ces dernières proposent aussi bien des véhicules d'investissements directs (actions, obligations) que des produits d'investissements tels que les fonds traditionnels, les fonds de fonds alternatifs, les fonds multi-managers et les produits structurés.
Lyxor also posted a 3% growth in its Alternative Investments Business, almost equally spread among its world leading Alternative Managed Accounts platform and its Alternative Multi Manager Solutions. Lyxor enregistre aussi une croissance de 3% dans ses métiers alternatifs, croissance répartie de manière quasiment égale entre sa plateforme de comptes gérés alternatifs et les solutions de multi-gestion alternative.
In the field of Third Party Funds selection, DGI gives to its customers innovative solutions through the management of fund of funds, multi-managers funds or managed accounts. Dans le domaine de la sélection des fonds de tiers, DGI offre à ses clients des solutions innovantes à travers la gestion de fonds de fonds, fonds multi-gestionnaires ou comptes gérés.
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