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break the news v.
révéler la nouvelle

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Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais-Français
annoncer la nouvelle à qn
annoncer la mauvaise nouvelle à qn
enfreindre la loi
briser la glace
briser le moule
1. (win) faire sauter la banque [Fam.] 2. (be expensive) être ruineux ; être la ruine ; mettre à sec
rompre avec la tradition
arrêter (de faire qqch)
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      vb     ( broke    pt)   ( broken    pp  )
     [+glass, plate, toy, machine]   casser  
→ He fell through the window, breaking the glass.        
→ He accused her of breaking the stereo.        
Careful, you'll break something!      Attention, tu vas casser quelque chose!  
to break the deadlock      sortir de l'impasse  
→ New proposals have been put forward to break the deadlock among rival factions.        
to break a habit      se défaire d'une habitude  
→ If you continue to smoke, keep trying to break the habit.        
     [+part of body]   casser  
→ She's broken her arm.        
I broke my leg.      Je me suis cassé la jambe.  
He broke his arm.      Il s'est cassé le bras.  
→ He never let his jailers break him.        
     [+promise]   rompre  
→ They tried to break the promises made in negotiations.        
     [+law]   enfreindre, violer  
→ We didn't know we were breaking the law.        
     [+record]   battre  
→ the first man to break Smith's record for the 100 metres        
→ Jurassic Park has broken all box office records.        
     [+news]   annoncer  
→ Then Louise broke the news that she was leaving me.        
to break the news to sb      annoncer la nouvelle à qn  
→ I decided that I had better break the news to her.        
     [+code]   déchiffrer  
→ It was feared they could break the Allies' codes.        
   (=divide)   casser  
to break sth into pieces      casser qch en morceaux  
→ Break the cauliflower into florets.        
   to break sth open        [+door, safe]   forcer qch, fracturer qch  
→ Thieves broke the safe open with dynamite.        
→ They broke the door open and arrested the suspect.        
to break sb's serve      prendre le service de qn  
→ He broke Henman's serve.        
   to break sb's fall      amortir la chute de qn  
→ The trees broke his fall.        
se casser, se briser  
→ Handle it gently, or it will break.        
Careful, it'll break!      Attention, ça va se casser!  
to break into pieces      se casser en morceaux  
The plane broke into three pieces.      L'avion s'est cassé en trois.  
to break in half      se casser en deux  
→ the Titanic seemed to break in half.        
   [weather]   tourner, changer  
→ I've been waiting for the weather to break.        
   [storm]   éclater  
→ She wanted to reach the hotel before the storm broke.        
   (=become public)  
être annoncé  
→ The news broke that the Prime Minister had resigned.        
[scandal]   éclater  
→ He resigned as Bishop when the scandal broke.        
   [dawn]   poindre  
→ They continued the search as dawn broke.        
   [waves]   se briser  
→ Danny listened to the waves breaking against the shore.        
   [voice]   muer  
→ He sings with the strained discomfort of someone whose voice hasn't quite broken.        
   to break even        (financially)    rentrer dans ses frais  
→ With assistance the company would break even by 2011.        
   to break with sb      (=have rupture)   rompre avec qn  
→ He broke with Shaw altogether.        
to break with sth      (=go against)   rompre avec qch  
→ Akihito broke with imperial tradition by marrying a commoner.        
to break for sth      faire une pause pour qch  
→ They broke for lunch.        
   to break free      [person, animal]   s'échapper  
→ She broke free by thrusting her elbow into his chest.        
to break free of sth      se libérer de qch  
→ his inability to break free of his marriage        
to break loose      [person, animal]   s'échapper  
   (=gap)   brèche    f  
   (=fracture)   fracture    f     
→ It caused a bad break to Gabriella's leg.        
   (=holiday)   vacances    fpl     
→ We need a break.        
→ To give himself a well-deserved break, Morris took a trip to London.        
the Christmas break      les vacances de Noël  
to take a break      (=holiday)   prendre des vacances  
→ They are currently taking a short break in Spain.        
   (=interruption)   interruption    f  , arrêt    m     
→ There was a break in the middle of the day's events.        
without a break      sans interruption, sans arrêt  
→ The doctors had worked two days without a break.        
   (=short rest)   pause    f     
→ I thought a 15 minute break from his work would do him good.        
to have a break, to take a break        (few minutes)    faire une pause  
→ Everyone take a break and be back here in five minutes.        
→ I'm going to have a break.        
give me a break!      *   (=for heaven's sake)   lâche-moi un peu!  
   (=breaktime)     (at school)    récréation    f     
→ What time's break?        
during morning break      pendant la récréation du matin  
   (=chance)   chance    f     
→ Her big break came when she appeared on TV.        
to have a lucky break      percer  
→ He had a lucky break when a film director saw his show.        
to make a break, to make a break for it      prendre la fuite  
   literary   the break of day, the break of dawn      le lever du jour, l'aube  

break away  
     (from other people)    se détacher  
→ Willie Hamilton broke away early in the race.        
   (=liberate o.s.)  
to break away from sth        [+idea, tradition]   rompre avec qch  
→ We have to break away from the old-fashioned idea that ...        
→ Meg Ryan has been trying to break away from romantic comedies for years now        
to break away from sb      se dégager de l'étreinte de qn  
→ I broke away from him and rushed out into the hall.        
break down  
→ He hit the door so hard I thought he was going to break it down.        
     [+resistance]   venir à bout de
     [+barriers]   faire tomber  
→ His early experience enabled him to break down barriers between Scottish Catholics and Protestants.        
     [+figures, results]   décomposer, analyser  
→ The report breaks down the results region by region.        
The data is broken down into manageable units.      Les données sont divisées en segments facilement utilisables.  
     [+substance, organic material]   décomposer  
→ The oil is attacked by microbes which break it down.        
   [car, machine]   tomber en panne  
→ Our TV has broken down.        
The car broke down.      La voiture est tombée en panne.  
→ The talks broke down over differences on doctrine.        
   [person]   s'effondrer  
He broke down and cried.      Il s'effondra et se mit à pleurer.  
to break down in tears      fondre en larmes  
→ The young woman broke down in tears.        
[substance, organic material]  
se décomposer  
to break down into its constituent parts      se décomposer en éléments  
→ The protein in the eggshell breaks down into its constituent amino acids.        
break in  
     [+shoes]   assouplir  
→ Nathan's new running shoes weren't broken in correctly.        
→ I haven't broken in these shoes yet, and they are making my feet hurt.        
     [+horse]   dresser
   (=run in)  
→ When breaking in an engine, you should refrain from high speed for the first thousand miles.        
   [burglar]   entrer par effraction  
→ Masked robbers broke in and stole $8,000.        
   (=interrupt)   interrompre  
→ "Yes ... ," began Spear excitedly, but his wife broke in.        
to break in on sb      interrompre qn  
→ It's irritating when people keep breaking in on you.        
break into  
      vt fus  
     [+house]   s'introduire par effraction dans, pénétrer par effraction dans  
→ He broke into a shop and killed the owner.        
     [+profession]   percer  
→ She finally broke into films after an acclaimed stage career.        
to break into song      se mettre à chanter  
→ I feel as if I should break into song.        
to break into a run      se mettre à courir  
→ The moment she was out of sight she broke into a run.        
break off  
   [speaker]   s'interrompre  
→ Llewelyn broke off in mid-sentence.        
   [branch]   se casser  
The branch broke off when she sat on it.      La branche s'est cassée quand elle s'est assise dessus.  
     [+talks, engagement]   rompre  
→ North Korea broke off the talks.        
→ I've broken off my engagement.        
to break it off with sb      rompre avec qn  
→ He didn't have the courage to break it off with her.        
     [+piece, part]   casser  
→ Some children were breaking branches off trees.        
→ She took the wrapping off the chocolate and broke off a piece.        
He broke off a piece of chocolate.      Il a cassé un bout de chocolat.  
break out  
   [war, fighting]   éclater  
→ He was 29 when war broke out.        
→ A fight broke out in the playground.        
→ Fierce fighting broke out between rival groups.        
[fire, epidemic]   se déclarer
   (=escape)   s'évader  
→ He broke out one spring night in 1946 and hitched south.        
to break out of        [+prison]   s'évader de  
→ The men broke out of their cells and cut through a perimeter fence.        
break out in  
se couvrir de  
→ If I eat chocolate I break out in spots.        
to break out in a rash      avoir une éruption cutanée  
→ A person who is allergic to cashews may break out in a rash when he consumes these nuts.        
to break out in a sweat      se mettre à transpirer  
→ Nervous, he broke out in a sweat.        
break through  
The sun broke through.      Le soleil a fait son apparition.  
   (=achieve success)   percer  
→ The British band most likely to break through in 2002 is the Coral        
      vt fus  
     [+defences, lines]   franchir  
→ About 50,000 students defy warnings and break through police lines in Tiananmen Square.        
→ Some of the crowd attempted to break through police cordons.        
→ In the second half they broke through our defences.        
→ The attacking army managed to break through their defences.        
     [+barrier]   franchir  
→ it was still very tough to break through the barrier of prejudice        
break up  
   [partnership]   cesser, prendre fin
   [marriage]   se briser  
→ The marriage broke up.        
   [friends, couples]   se séparer  
→ Today, many couples break up because of economic pressures.        
to break up with sb      rompre avec qn  
→ My girlfriend had broken up with me.        
[meeting, party]  
se terminer  
→ The party broke up when the police arrived.        
[talks]   prendre fin  
→ 10 hours of talks at Acas which broke up at 9pm        
[demonstration]   se disperser
   [telephone line]   couper  
you're breaking up        (on telephone)    je ne te capte plus, je ne te reçois plus  
The schools break up next week.      Les cours finissent la semaine prochaine., Les vacances scolaires commencent la semaine prochaine.  
The children have already broken up.      Les enfants sont déjà en vacances.  
→ the last week before they break up        
   [ship]   se disloquer  
→ The capsized ship broke up in heavy seas.        
      vt sep  
   (=smash)   briser
     [+fight, meeting, demonstration]   interrompre, faire cesser  
→ The policemen broke the fight up.        
→ They infiltrated the meeting in order to break it up.        
→ Police used tear gas to break up a demonstration.        
   to break up a marriage      briser un mariage  
→ It was her illness which finally broke up the marriage.        
→ Fred has given me no good reason for wanting to break up our marriage.        
   (=divide into pieces)   casser en morceaux  
→ Break up the chocolate and melt it.        
→ He broke the bread up into chunks.        
     [+time, day]   faire une coupure dans  
→ In the afternoon we went for a walk to break up the day.        
      n        break-even point    seuil    m   de rentabilité  
→ We were getting pretty close to break-even        
      modif   de rentabilité  
break-even chart      graphique    m   de rentabilité  
break-even point  
      n   seuil    m   de rentabilité  
→ `Terminator 2' finally made $200 million, which was considered to be the break-even point for the picture.        
      n   cambriolage    m     
→ The break-in had occurred just before midnight.        
→ There's been a break-in.        
break point  
      n     (tennis)    balle    f   de break  
→ There was one break point for Roddick in the third set.        
      n   [+partnership]   rupture    f     
→ This caused the break-up of the coalition.        
[+marriage]   échec $   m  
→ All marriage break-ups are traumatic.        
[+group of states]   morcellement   
démembrement    m     
[+political party]  
scission    f     
break-up value  
      n   valeur    f   de liquidation  
city break  
      n     (TOURISM)   court séjour    m   dans une grande ville  
→ ... a city break in Paris or Rome.        
coffee break  
      n   pause-café    f     
commercial break  
      n   spot    m   (publicitaire)  
lucky break  
      n   coup    m   de chance  
→ That was my lucky break.        
→ The second lucky break for Gough came midway through last season.        
to get a lucky break      avoir un coup de chance  
→ I got a bit of a lucky break.        
lunch break   , lunchbreak  
      n   heure    f   du déjeuner  
→ Some of them don't even bother with a lunch break.        
to be on one's lunch break      faire la pause de midi  
→ I tried phoning him but he was on his lunch break.        
make-or-break   , make or break  
[issue, game, meeting]  
décisif (-ive)     
it's make or break time      (=the decisive moment)   c'est le moment décisif  
page break  
      n   saut    m   de page  
station break  
      n     (US)   page    f   de publicité  
tax break  
      n   allégement    m   fiscal  
→ Today they'll consider tax breaks for businesses that create jobs in inner cities.        
tea break  
      n     (British)   pause-thé    f     
→ She usually takes a tea break at 3 o'clock.        
     (in tennis)    jeu    m   décisif, tie-break    m  
     (in quiz)    question    f   subsidiaire
Traduction Dictionnaire Collins Anglais - Français  
"break the news" : exemples et traductions en contexte
Which is why we should have somebody else break the news. C'est pourquoi on devrait avoir quelqu'un d'autre pour annoncer la nouvelle.
I had to break the news to my parents. J'ai dû annoncer la nouvelle à mes parents.
You help me break the news to Lester and I'll give you your little raise. Tu m'aide à apprendre la nouvelle à Lester et je te donnerai ta petite augmentation.
I have to go break the news to denise. Je dois annoncer la nouvelle à Denise.
But I still need to break the news about you carefully. Mais je dois lui annoncer la nouvelle avec précaution.
I will break the news to my uncle. Je vais annoncer la nouvelle à mon oncle.
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