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[A - a boyish woman ] [a brain scan - a complement to sth ] [a complete lack of organization - a dinner of turkey and all the trimmings ] [a dinner of turkey and all the trimmings - a fight for sth ] [a fight that started over nothing - a gleam of hope ] [a glimmer of hope - a holiday hot spot ] [a holiday romance - a little leaven leavens the whole lump ] [a little milk - a media blitz ] [a media empire - a nuclear reactor ] [a nuclear reprocessing plant - a pin-up girl ] [a pioneer in computer art - a quiver of excitement ] [a quiver of panic - a salmonella outbreak ] [a sanitized version of sth - a ski run ] [a skilled trade - a superb view of sth ] [a superior smile - a university place ] [a useful piece of furniture - a yield of 5% ] [a young assistant professor at Harvard - aberrant ] [aberrant - abortion on demand ] [abortion on demand - absolute dynamic viscosity at oil temperature ] [absolute fan - abysmal ] [abysmal - accelerator board ] [accelerator factor - accident-involved ] [accidentologist - accounting form ] [accounting information management function - acerbity ] [acerose - achromatosis ] [achromatous - acneform ] [acnegenic - acrocoracoid ] [acrocyanosis - actinic ray ophthalmia ] [actinicity - actual to budget ] [actual total loss - adam ] [adam and eve - address a meeting ] [address a problem - adequately evaluated ] [adequately high dosage - adjusted earning per share ] [adjusted ether - adnexal ] [adnexal tenderness - adumbrant ] [adumbrating - advertisment ] [advertize - aeronautical engineering ] [aeronautics - affordability ] [affordable - after-concert ] [aftercondenser - ageism ] [ageist - AGM record ] [AGM report - ahem ] [a-hemolytic streptococci - air floating head ] [air flow - aircraft industry ] [aircraft manufacturer - ajingle ] [ajog - alcoholophilia ] [alcohol-related - alighting upon ] [align - all in one computer ] [all in one piece - all you can eat buffet ] [all you need to know - allodynia ] [alloeosis - all-steel ] [alltime - alpha-naphthol reaction ] [alpha-naphthylthiourea - aluminium oxide ] [aluminium phosphate buffer - am child's play ] [am clued up - am one minute late ] [am only common sense - amber mutation ] [amber suppressor - americanizing ] [americanizing - amoebic hepatitis ] [amoebicidal - amputating ] [amputating - an apologist for sb ] [an apostle of ... - an instrument of repression ] [an insulin injection - anadipsia ] [anadrenalism - anaphoric ] [anaphrodisia - and neither do ... ] [and no error - anesthetize ] [anesthetizing - angionecrosis ] [angioneoplasm - anility ] [animacy - announcement ] [announcement circuit pack - anserine reaction ] [anserine skin - anterior supraclavicular nerve ] [anterior thigh - antibody-and cell-mediated reaction ] [antibody-associated injury - antihemophilia factor ] [antihemophilic - anti-radical ] [antireflective - antro-tympanic ] [antrum - aortic stenosis ] [aortic valve - apocrine ] [apocrine miliaria - appeals tribunal ] [appear - application form ] [application gateway - approbating ] [approbation - arabization ] [arabize - arch-foe ] [archicarp - are afraid ] [are afraid of heights - are notchy ] [are nothing left - are you kidding? ] [Are you looking for anything in particular? - argute ] [argy-bargy - arm's length ] [arm's length price - arsabamide ] [arsanilic - arthouse theatre ] [arthragra - artsy-craftsy ] [artware - as far as he is concerned ] [as far as health is concerned - as recently as ] [as recently as - ascertaining ] [ascertaining - aspergillosis ] [aspergillus - asset ] [asset account - assonant ] [assort - asunder ] [Aswan - at bedtime ] [at best - at least that was something, ] [at least that's something! - at the baker's ] [at the ballot box - at the top of the voice ] [at the top of your class - atherosis ] [atherothrombosis - atretostomia ] [atreturethria - attendance figures ] [attendance list - audio mixing ] [audio out - auspicate ] [auspicating - autochthonous blastoma ] [autochthonous infection - automatic routing selection ] [automatic sample changer - auxotonic ] [auxotrophic - avuncular ] [avunculate - axofugal ] [axoid - azymic]

A A & R man A + rate a £5 note a £6000 overdraft
a 10% discount a 10% discount a 100-watt light-bulb a 10p piece a 12-bore shotgun
a 13 amp plug a 2 euro coin a 20 per cent discount a 20 percent cut a 2-stroke engine
a 300-horsepower engine a 300m drop a 35-minute aerobic wo... a 3-pin plug a 40-km march across b...
a 40-minute car journey a 5% increase a 5% reduction a 5% reduction a 54-car pile-up
a 5-hour journey A and B a BA in French a babble of voices a babel of noise
a baby girl a baby girl a back complaint a backlash against sth a backward step
a bad accident a bad cough a bad film a bad habit a bad man
a bad omen a bad patch a bad person a bad workman always b... a bad workman always b...
a bag of cats a bag of crisps a bag of sweets a bag snatch a bagful of sth
a bagful of sth a bald pate a bald pate a bale of straw a ball of fire
a bamboo raft a ban on doing sth A band was playing nea... a band with a cult fol... a band with a cult fol...
a bang on the head a bank robbery a bar job a bar of chocolate a bar of gold
a bar of soap a barber learns to sha... a bare patch a bargain buy a barometer of sth
a barrage of questions a barrage of sth a barrier to sth a baseball maniac a basis for
a basket full of sewing a bastion of sth a battery of a battery of tests a beach umbrella
a beam of light a beat-up old car a beat-up old car a beaut a beautiful ball
a beautifully illustra... a beautifully illustra... a Belgian national a benchmark for sth a Benedictine monk
a bent copper a bent copper a bent fork a better return on you... a better tomorrow
a better tomorrow a better way to do it a bevy of a bevy of a bicentenary tribute ...
a big car a big grin a big hit a big hitter a big house
a big if a big thank you a big wheel a bikini top A bird in the hand is ...
a bird in the hand is ... a bird in the hand is ... a bird of prey A bird settled on the ... a bird's-eye view of P...
a birthday bash a birthday bash a birthday cake with y... a biscuit tin a bit
a bit a bit boring, maybe a bit boring, perhaps a bit dangerous A bit less, please.
a bit more a bit much a bit of a bit of a cheek a bit of a nutter
a bit of adhesive tape a bit of cake a bit of damage a bit of information a bit of luck
a bit of luck a bit of music a bit off a bit off the mark a bit off-topic
a bit piqued a bit too hot a bit too soon A black car pulled up ... A black coffee, please.
a black jacket a black lace blouse a black leather jacket a black leather jacket a black look
A black silk tie compl... a blind person a blissful sigh a blithe heart makes a... a blob of glue
a block of flats a block of high-rise f... a block of high-rise f... a blonde a blood sample
a blood test a blow to sb's pride a blow to sb's pride a blue dress a blueprint for sth
a boating accident a body of people a bogus marriage a boiling hot day a bolt from the blue
a bolt from the blue a bolt of lightning a bomb blast a bomb scare a book
a book about London a book about the makin... a book by Balzac a book of puzzles a book on Balzac
a book with a cult fol... a book with a cult fol... a bookable offence a booklet summarizing ... a born comedian
a bossy little girl a bottle of shampoo a bottle of wine a bottomless pit a bow and arrows
a box of assorted bisc... a box of matches a box of paints a box of tissues a box of tissues
a boxed collection of CDs a boxed set of A boy drowned here yes... a boy of ten a boyish woman

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