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   (=finish, close)   [+day, week, journey, holiday]   fin    f     
→ The report is expected by the end of the year.        
[+book, film]   fin    f     
→ I wept at the end of the book.        
→ It has a surprising end.        
the end of the film      la fin du film  
the end of the holidays      la fin des vacances  
at the end of August      à la fin août  
to come to an end      prendre fin  
→ The cold war came to an end.        
→ Their friendship came to an end when he ...        
to be at an end      être fini (e)  , être terminé (e)     
→ The recession is definitely at an end.        
to bring sth to an end      (=halt)  
mettre fin à qch, mettre un terme à qch  
→ I was worried she would walk out or bring the interview to an end.        
to put an end to sth      (=stop)  
  [+war, attacks]  
mettre fin à qch, mettre un terme à qch  
→ We expect you to put an end to these terror attacks by your own people        
→ Only a political solution could put an end to the violence.        
  [+practice]   mettre fin à qch, mettre un terme à qch  
→ They are campaigning to put an end to the practice of female circumcision        
  [+speculation, rumours]   mettre fin à qch, mettre un terme à qch  
→ Today's announcement should at least put an end to the recent speculation        
  [+career]   mettre fin à qch, mettre un terme à qch  
→ a knee injury put an end to his career        
in the end      finalement  
→ I toyed with the idea of calling the police, but in the end I didn't.        
→ It all turned out all right in the end.        
It turned out all right in the end.      Finalement tout s'est bien passé.  
In the end I decided to stay at home.      Finalement j'ai décidé de rester à la maison.  
at the end of the day        (British)     (lit)   à la fin de la journée  
     (fig)   (=in the final analysis)   en fin de compte  
→ At the end of the day it's up to the Germans to decide.        
to the end of time, until the end of time      (=for ever)   jusqu'à la fin des temps  
→ Grief-stricken, he felt he deserved to suffer to the end of time        
→ a love that lasts until the end of time        
it's not the end of the world      ce n'est pas la fin du monde  
no end        (adv)    (=a lot)   énormément  
→ Teachers inform me that Tracey's behaviour has improved no end.        
no end of      (=a lot of)   énormément de  
→ The problem was causing the poor woman no end of misery.        
→ They have received no end of complaints.        
   (=extremity)   [+table, street, line, rope, queue, tunnel]   bout    m     
→ The table was set for six, two at each side and one at each end.        
→ at both ends of the tunnel        
→ Hold on to the end of the rope.        
→ Go to the end of the queue.        
→ Sharpen a stick at both ends.        
→ the end of her cigarette        
→ There's a nice pub at the end of the street.        
[+pointed object]   pointe    f     
at the end of the street      au bout de la rue  
at the other end of the table      à l'autre bout de la table  
from end to end      d'un bout à l'autre  
→ The creature measures only a few centimetres from end to end        
on end      [object]   debout, dressé (e)     
to stand on end      [hair]   se dresser sur la tête  
→ They saw scenes which made their hair stand on end.        
for hours on end      pendant des heures, pendant des heures et des heures  
→ He is a wonderful companion and we can talk for hours on end.        
for 5 hours on end      durant 5 heures d'affilée, durant 5 heures de suite  
to be near the end of the road, to reach the end of the road        (fig)   arriver en fin de course  
→ The show looks to be nearing the end of the road after 13 years in a West End theatre        
→ their belief that socialism had reached the end of the road and was effectively finished        
it's the end of the road for them      (=they're finished)   ils sont en fin de parcours  
→ Maybe it's the end of the road for this team        
to make ends meet      joindre les deux bouts  
→ With Betty's salary they barely made ends meet.        
→ They are finding it hard to make ends meet.        
   [+town]   bout  
→ I had to meet him in five minutes and I was at the wrong end of town.        
   (=aim)   but    m  , fin    f     
→ Now the government is trying another policy designed to achieve the same end.        
for political ends      à des fins politiques  
→ The police force is being manipulated for political ends.        
to this end, with this end in view      à cette fin, dans ce but  
→ I needed to speak with Jones urgently and, to this end, I arranged a meeting.        
an end in itself      une fin en soi  
→ But in music, at least, scholarship is never an end in itself. Only when brought to life in performance does it touch the soul.        
   (=put an end to)  
  [+war, fighting]  
mettre fin à  
→ Talks have resumed to try to end the fighting.        
→ He refused to end his nine-week-old hunger strike.        
  [+poverty, inequality]   mettre fin à  
the deal to end all deals      l'affaire du siècle  
the film to end all films      le film du siècle  
to end it all      (=kill o.s.)   en finir  
  [+speech, letter]  
→ He ended his letter with a reminder about the next meeting.        
He ended his speech with an appeal to the public.      Il a terminé son discours en lançant un appel au public.  
[day, year]  
se terminer  
[meeting, film, war, journey]  
se terminer  
→ There were only three of them left when the meeting ended        
→ he thought the whole war would soon end        
→ The meeting quickly ended and Steve left the room.        
→ He took her out a couple of times before term ended.        
→ The journey ends in the ancient city of Marrakesh.        
[career, relationship]   se terminer  
→ Their relationship ended in September 2000        
[road]   se terminer  
→ The road ended at a T-junction.        
What time does the film end?      À quelle heure est-ce que le film se termine?  
to end with sth      [meeting, book, film]   se terminer par qch  
→ The book ends with the protagonist's murder        
to end in failure      se solder par un échec  
→ the negotiations could end in failure        
→ one in three marriages end in failure        
to end in disaster      finir en catastrophe  
→ a risky experiment that could end in disaster        
→ I don't think this relationship will end in disaster        
→ The incident could have ended in tragedy.        
→ Our holiday ended in disaster.        
The match ended in a draw.      Ils ont fait match nul.  
the week ending ...      le semaine se terminant ...  
the week ending 4 September      la semaine se terminant le 4 septembre  
→ the first figure shows sales for week ending July 27        
du fond  
[section, du bout]  

→ If it is picked up by the tail, the end section will drop off        
the end house      la dernière maison de la rue  
→ She lives in the end house.        
    end date  
    end value  

be-all and end-all  
      n   (=most important consideration)  
the be-all and end-all      le summum  
→ For some people, competing is the be-all and end-all of their running.        
to be the be-all and end-all for sb      être d'une importance primordiale pour qn  
→ In the past, football was the be-all and end-all for me        
big end  
      n   [+car]   tête    f   de bielle  
cigarette end  
      n   mégot    m     
dead end  
[+road, path]  
impasse    f  
     (fig)   impasse    f     
to reach a dead end      être dans une impasse  
→ We seem to have reached a dead end.        
a dead-end job      un emploi sans avenir  
deep end  
[+swimming pool]  

the deep end      le grand bain  
to be thrown in at the deep end        (fig)   (=not have time to prepare)   être mis (e)   tout de suite dans le bain  
→ I was thrown in at the deep end during a busy time        
East End  
the East End      les quartiers    mpl   est de Londres  
end up  
to end up in      finir à (or en)  
→ Many of their friends have ended up in prison.        
→ We ended up in Paris.        
→ The engine ended up at the bottom of the canal.        
to end up doing sth      finir par faire qch  
→ If you don't know what you want, you might end up getting something you don't want.        
→ We ended up having to sell the house.        
I ended up walking home.      J'ai fini par rentrer chez moi à pied.  
to end up in trouble      mal finir  
→ He ended up in a fine mess.        
→ You're going to end up in trouble, if you carry on like that.        
end date  
      n   [+contract]   date    f   d'expiration  
→ Sky will confirm the end date of your free trial period        
end product  
   (=final result)   résultat    m     
→ It's a tough exam, so the end product is a worthwhile qualification.        
   [+industrial process]   produit    m   fini  
end result  
      n   résultat    m   final  
→ McManus said nothing had been done about the "scandal" of non-payment of fines: "The end result is the waste of dozens of hours of police time"        
→ The new Ferrari is the end result of four years' work        
→ The end result of his visit, it is hoped, could be a new understanding between the two nations        
end table  
      n     (US)   (=coffee table)   table    f   basse  
end user  
      n     (COMPUTING)   utilisateur (-trice)      m/f   final (e)     
end value  
      n   valeur    f   finale  
→ It is anticipated that the building will be completed in May 2002, with an end value of around £11m        
end zone  
      n     (AMERICAN FOOTBALL)   zone    f   de but  
fag end   *  
   [+cigarette]   mégot *      m  
   (=remainder)   reste    m     
dernières bribes    fpl     
haut de gamme  
→ ... high-end personal computers and computer workstations.        
loose end  
      n     (in story, plot)    détail    m   inexpliqué  
→ There are some annoying loose ends in the plot.        
to tie up loose ends      mettre au point les derniers détails, régler les derniers détails  
→ There are lots of loose ends to tie up in this case.        
to be at a loose end        (British)  
to be at loose ends        (US)   ne pas trop savoir quoi faire  
→ Adolescents are most likely to get into trouble when they're at a loose end.        
      vt     (US)  
emboutir (l'arrière de)  
→ A few days earlier somebody had rear-ended him.        
tail end  
   [+season, conversation]   fin    f  
   [+procession]   queue    f     
tight end  
      n     (US)   ailier    m     
      adj   haut de gamme    inv     
→ ... top-end camcorders.        
West End  
the West End        (in London)    le West End   (centre touristique et commercial de Londres)     
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1. fin 2. extrémité ; bout ; fin
(Vt) mettre fin (+ à) terminer (Vintr.) finir ; se terminer
côte à côte
de bout en bout
d'un bout à l'autre
cryptage de bout en bout
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