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hand held system n.
système portable

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calculatrice de poche
densitomètre de poche
numériseur tenu à la main
Pierre a levé la main.
main dans la main
la main dans la main
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   [+person]   main    f     
→ I put my hand into my pocket and pulled out the letter.        
to have sth in one's hand      tenir qch à la main  
to be on one's hands and knees        (on all fours)    être à quatre pattes  
to join hands      se donner la main  
→ The children all joined hands and danced in a circle.        
→ Let us join our hands for a brief prayer        
to hold hands      [people]   se donner la main  
We were holding hands.      Nous nous donnions la main.  
→ we were holding hands and giggling like teenagers        
hand in hand      (=holding hands)   main dans la main  
→ I saw them making their way, hand in hand, down the path.        
to hold sb's hand        (fig)   encourager qn  
→ I'm here to hold your hand if you're going through a bad patch.        
to force sb's hand      forcer la main à qn  
to have a free hand      avoir carte blanche  
my hands are tied        (fig)   (=I'm not free to act)   j'ai les mains liées  
to throw up one's hands        (expressing anger, frustration)    lever les bras au ciel  
to make money hand over fist      gagner une fortune, ne pas avoir le temps de dépenser ce que l'on gagne  
to lose money hand over fist      perdre des sommes d'argent phénoménales  
to win hands down      gagner haut la main  
→ We should have won the game hands down        
     (indicating aspect)    on the one hand ... , on the other hand      d'une part ... , d'autre part  
→ On the one hand Kate is old enough to pay the adult fare, but on the other hand she is too young to travel without a paid escort.        
     (indicating possession)    in sb's hands      entre les mains de qn  
→ He is leaving his business in the hands of a colleague.        
→ The Government is openly encouraging the transfer of one of our greatest public buildings into private hands.        
to be in safe hands      être en (de) bonnes mains  
→ We're in safe hands.        
to be in the wrong hands      être en (de) mauvaises mains  
→ I feel that the majority of these dogs are in the wrong hands.        
to get one's hands on sth      (=manage to get)   mettre la main sur qch  
→ how was he able to get his hands on that money so easily?        
→ The company is unable to get its hands on new investments        
Wait till I get my hands on him!      Attends que je lui mette la main dessus!  
to lay one's hands on sth      (=manage to get)   mettre la main sur qch  
→ She read anything she could lay her hands on.        
to change hands      (=be sold)   changer de mains  
     (indicating influence, involvement)    to have a hand in sth      jouer un rôle dans qch  
→ He thanked everyone who had had a hand in his release.        
to go hand in hand      (=be closely related)   aller de pair  
→ For us, research and teaching go hand in hand.        
to go hand in hand with sth      (=be closely related to)   aller de pair avec qch  
→ Hand in hand with the police inquiries, the government has also announced a full investigation.        
to keep one's hand in      garder la main  
→ He still does a little work for us, just to keep his hand in.        
to keep one's hands off sth/sb      ne pas toucher à qch/qn  
→ modern designers should keep their hands off period properties        
→ Bitch! Keep your hands off my husband        
"hands off!"      "bas les pattes!"  
to play into sb's hands      [person]   faire le jeu de qn  
→ The opposition know that if they take him on on this issue they will just play into his hands.        
→ We must not play into the hands of racist bigots who will delight in making trouble from America's plight.        
→ We do not want to play into the hands of our enemies by disclosing sensitive information.        
[events, situation]   jouer en la faveur de qn  
→ The tense situation could play into the hands of militant groups wanting to destabilise the peace process.        
→ The crisis in Brussels would play into the hands of the Euro-sceptics.        
to be hand in glove with sb      être de mèche avec qn  
→ They work hand in glove with the pharmaceutical industry        
→ They all operate hand in glove, share in the arrangements and regard themselves as experts whose word cannot be challenged        
     (indicating way of treating sb/sth)    at the hands of sb, He died at the hands of an assassin.      Il mourut des mains d'un assassin., Il mourut assassinée.  
Many people had suffered at his hands.      Nombreux étaient ceux qui avaient souffert entre ses mains.  
He has done nothing to deserve such kind treatment at our hands.      Il n'a rien fait pour mériter un si bon traitement de notre part.  
They were reluctant to risk another defeat at the hands of the opposition.      Ils hésitaient devant le risque de se voir infliger une nouvelle défaite par l'opposition.  
to rule with a heavy hand      gouverner d'une main de fer  
     (indicating responsibility)    to have sth on one's hands        [+problem, responsibility]   avoir qch sur les bras  
→ we have a really urgent problem on our hands        
to have a big task on one's hands      avoir du pain sur la planche  
→ We have a big task on our hands to turn this tie around        
to have a fight on one's hands, We have a fight on our hands.      Un véritable combat nous attend.  
→ Tony Blair has a fight on his hands after some in the cabinet expressed disapproval of the measure.        
to be off sb's hands      [problem, task]   ne plus être la responsabilité de qn  
→ Cazaril breathed a sigh of relief when it was off his hands at last        
I have more free time now the children are off my hands.      J'ai davantage de temps libre sans les enfants sur les bras.  
to take sb/sth off sb's hands      débarrasser qn de qn/qch  
→ The real advantages of using a removal firm are that all the heavy work is taken off your hands        
→ I tried to help by taking the kids off her hands, so she could go shopping on her own or out with friends        
to have one's hands full      (=be occupied)   avoir beaucoup à faire  
→ They had their hands full dealing with an experienced Celtic side        
to have one's hands full with sth      avoir beaucoup à faire avec qch  
→ She had her hands full with two new babies to look after.        
to wash one's hands of sth      se laver les mains de qch  
→ Conti was accused of "washing his hands" of the problem of sexual abuse within the family        
→ Moscow has washed its hands of the affair        
to hold up one's hand(s), to hold one's hand(s) up      (=admit responsibility)   prendre ses responsabilités  
→ I will hold my hand up and say I was stupid.        
→ Nico is big enough to hold his hand up. He knows he should have done better.        
to hold up one's hand(s) to sth, to hold one's hand(s) up to sth      assumer la responsabilité de qch, endosser la responsabilité de qch  
→ I'll hold my hand up to the mistake.        
     (indicating help, assistance)    to give sb a hand, to lend sb a hand      donner un coup de main à qn  
→ Let me give you a hand.        
Can you give me a hand?      Tu peux me donner un coup de main?  
to give sb a hand to do sth      donner un coup de main à qn pour faire qch  
→ Could you give me a hand to get my raincoat off?        
     (indicating availability)    at hand      à portée de main, à portée de la main  
to be near at hand, to be close at hand      être à portée de main, être à portée de la main  
→ I picked up a book that happened to be near at hand.        
→ Having the right equipment near at hand will help enormously.        
to be on hand      [person]   être disponible  
[emergency services]   être sur place  
→ The emergency services were on hand in case there was any trouble.        
to hand      (=readily available)  
sous la main, à portée de la main  
→ Sorry, I haven't got my address book to hand.        
→ Keep vital information to hand in the Home Emergency Book        
→ He had an answer ready to hand        
in hand      (=to spare)   d'avance  
Hughes finished with 15 seconds in hand.      Hughes finit avec 15 secondes d'avance.  
     (indicating skill)    to turn one's hand to sth      se mettre à qch  
→ Having started his Hollywood career in B-movies, Jolley turned his hand to writing        
→ Wharmby was a decorator before turning his hand to lexicography        
→ He was a Royal Marine for five years before turning his hand to physiotherapy, then the law        
to try one's hand at sth      s'essayer à qch  
→ I had encouraged her to try her hand at writing        
to try one's hand at doing sth      s'essayer à faire qch  
→ DEX Enterprises decided to try its hand at running a water company.        
→ Unable to find the right tiara, Trina volunteered to try her hand at making one.        
   by hand      [make]   à la main  
→ Each piece is made by hand.        
→ every piece was painted by hand        
[deliver]   en main propre, en mains propres  
→ The parcel had been delivered by hand.        
[wash]   à la main  
→ All our clothes had to be washed by hand.        
to do sth by hand      faire qch à la main  
→ I did all the sewing by hand.        
→ Much of the planting and harvesting is done by hand.        
     (indicating control)    in hand      (=in control)   en main  
We have the situation in hand.      Nous avons la situation bien en main.  
Matters are in hand.      On a les choses bien en main.  
→ The Olympic organisers say that matters are well in hand.        
to take sb/sth in hand      prendre qn/qch en main  
→ Millions of pounds have been spent since 1978 when the problem was first taken in hand        
→ Had there been a father around to take him in hand, perhaps events would have followed a different course        
to take o.s. in hand      se prendre en main  
→ She smiled, amused and not a little embarrassed by her own fear. She was going to have to take herself in hand        
→ it will give you the incentive to take yourself in hand and change your eating patterns        
to get out of hand      [situation, phenomenon]   devenir incontrôlable  
→ things begin to get out of hand        
→ it is a disease that could get out of hand unless tackled early        
→ rates were cut too soon and too deeply, allowing inflation to get out of hand        
→ My girlfriend's violence is getting out of hand.        
[person]   devenir incontrôlable  
→ the fans started shouting and yelling and getting out of hand        
→ His son was getting out of hand        
     (indicating continuity)    in hand      (=ongoing)  
en cours  
the job in hand        (British)   le travail en cours  
→ Let's deal with the job in hand.        
   out of hand        (adv)    (=completely)   [reject, dismiss]   d'emblée  
→ One might even be inclined to dismiss it out of hand.        
→ Rowland had been rejected out of hand as a buyer by the newspaper's trustees        
→ their original £20m bid was rejected out of hand        
   [+clock]   aiguille    f  
   (=handwriting)   écriture    f     
in sb's hand      (=written by sb)   de la main de qn  
→ The manuscripts were written in Bach's own hand.        
     (at cards)    jeu    m     
→ I've had some really bad hands tonight.        
to show one's hand      (=reveal one's intentions)   montrer son jeu  
   (=measurement)   [+horse]   paume    f     
→ It was a small horse, only fourteen hands.        
   (=worker)   ouvrier (-ière)      m/f     
→ He met mill hands, miners and farm labourers.        
hired hand      saisonnier (-ière)      m/f     
   (=give, pass)  
to hand sth to sb, to hand sb sth      passer qch à qn  
→ He handed me a piece of paper.        
He handed me the book.      Il m'a passé le livre.  
You've got to hand it to her.      Il faut lui rendre cette justice.  
→ You have to hand it to Temple, he's not afraid of difficult subjects.        
→ You've got to hand it to them: there is no end to their ingenuity.        
[tool, drill]  
à main  

dab hand  
*     (British)   (=expert)  
to be a dab hand at sth      être doué (e)   en qch  
→ She's a dab hand at DIY.        
He wasn't such a dab hand in the kitchen.      Il n'était pas aussi doué à la cuisine.  
to be a dab hand at doing sth      être doué (e)   pour faire qch  
→ She was a dab hand at solving crossword puzzles.        
→ She is a dab hand at finding excuses.        
field hand  
      n     (mainly US)   ouvrier (-ière)      m/f   agricole  
first hand  
at first hand      directement  
→ He had learned about it at first hand        
to see sth at first hand      constater qch directement  
→ He arrived in Natal to see at first hand the effects of the recent heavy fighting.        
first hand   , firsthand, first-hand  
      adv   [know, experience, see]   directement  
→ The Samaritans know this first hand        
→ some people want to experience this firsthand        
→ We've been through Germany and seen first-hand what's happening there.        
first-hand   , firsthand  
[experience, knowledge]  
de première main  
→ She has little first-hand knowledge of Quebec        
→ School trips give children firsthand experience not available in the classroom.        
hand around  
      vt sep       hand round  
hand back  
      vt sep  
  [+object, property]  
→ The thieves refused to hand back the stolen pictures.        
→ She denied any wrongdoing but agreed to hand back the money.        
  [+power, control]   restituer  
  [+country, land, territory]  
→ the government's reluctance to hand back land nationalised under the Sandinistas        
to hand sth back to sb        [+object, property]   rendre qch à qn  
→ She handed the picture back to Alberg.        
→ I handed the passport back to Harry.        
→ We handed the car back to the dealer.        
  [+power, control]   restituer qch à qn  
→ Thompson expects to hand back control of the club to Gerard Houllier next month.        
  [+country, land, territory]   rendre qch à qn  
→ Hong Kong was handed back to China in 1997.        
hand down  
   (=pass on)  
  [+tradition, heirloom]  
→ a Ukrainian folk heritage handed down from their parents        
  [+knowledge, wisdom]   transmettre  
→ He attributes this to years of experience and wisdom handed down by his parents        
to be handed down from father to son      être transmis (e)   de père en fils  
→ Such knowledge was handed down from father to son.        
to be handed down from mother to daughter      être transmis (e)   de mère en fille  
to be handed down from generation to generation      être transmis (e)   de génération en génération  
→ a fund of knowledge handed down from generation to generation        
     (US)   (=pronounce)  
  [+sentence, verdict]  
     (from shelf etc)    passer  
Can you hand me down that book?      Peux-tu me passer le livre qui est là-haut?  
hand in  
     [+object]   remettre  
→ My advice to anyone who finds anything on a bus is to hand it in to the police.        
     [+exam paper]   rendre  
Martin handed his exam paper in.      Martin a rendu sa copie d'examen.  
hand out  
  [+goods, leaflets]  
→ AIDS activists will be handing out condoms.        
→ Birth control pills are handed out with free orange juice in many rural areas.        
→ Organizers will hand out flyers with statistics from OSHA        
  [+prizes]   remettre  
→ One of my jobs was to hand out the prizes.        
  [+advice]   donner  
The teacher handed out the books.      Le professeur a distribué les livres.  
hand over  
  [+object, goods, money]  
→ He handed over a letter of apology from the Prime Minister.        
→ Samuel was about to hand over a large sum of money to his local hospital.        
→ The rebels refused to hand over their weapons.        
  [+power, control]   transmettre  
  [+person, prisoner, hostage]  
→ This morning the American airman was formally handed over.        
to hand sth over to sb      remettre qch à qn  
She handed the keys over to me.      Elle m'a remis les clés.  
to hand sb over to the police      livrer qn à la police  
→ They would catch the robbers and hand them over to the police.        
to hand over to sb        (gen)    passer le relais à qn  
→ The present leaders have to decide whether to stand down and hand over to a younger generation.        
→ Mr Giuliani handed over to Michael Bloomberg, his Republican colleague, on December 31.        
     (on TV, radio)    passer l'antenne à qn  
→ At 6.30 pm, Mr Edwards will hand over to the regional news rooms around England        
hand round   , hand around  
      vt sep  
  [+food, drinks]  
faire passer  
→ John handed round the plate of sandwiches.        
hand-crafted      fait (e)   à la main  
→ ... handcrafted jewelry.        
→ artefacts and textiles hand-crafted in Rajasthan        
hand-built      assemblé (e)   à la main  
→ ... handbuilt cars.        
→ a hand-built kitchen        
hand-sewn      cousu (e)   à la main  
→ hand-sewn camisoles and petticoats        
hand-carved      taillé (e)   à la main  
→ a beautifully hand-carved garden seat        
→ a hand-carved marble fireplace        
hand baggage  
      n   bagages    mpl   à main  
→ All hand baggage must be clearly labelled with your name.        
→ Hand baggage has to be checked by security.        
one item of hand baggage      un bagage à main  
hand cream   , handcream  
      n   crème    f   pour les mains  
[letter, parcel]  
livré (e)   par porteur  
hand-drier   , hand-dryer  
      n   sèche-mains    m inv     
hand grenade  
      n   grenade    f     
hand-held   , handheld  
portatif (-ive)     
de poche  
de reportage
      n   (=computer)   ordinateur    m   de poche  
      adj   tricoté (e)   à la main  
hand lotion  
      n   lotion    f   pour les mains  
hand luggage   , hand-luggage  
      n   bagages    mpl   à main  
→ Make sure that you keep your hand luggage with you at all times.        
one piece of hand luggage      un bagage à main  
      adj   peint (e)   à la main  
hand-pick   , handpick  
  [+candidate, successor, staff]  
trier sur le volet  
→ He was hand-picked for this job by the Admiral ...        
→ Sokagakkai was able to hand-pick his successor.        
hand-picked   , handpicked  
   [candidate, successor, staff]   trié (e)   sur le volet
   [produce]   cueilli (e)   à la main  
hand puppet  
      n   marionnette    f   à gaine  
  [+animal, bird]  
élever au biberon  
→ Mr Baker hand-reared the goat as a pet        
      adj   élevé (e)   au biberon  
→ Hand-reared birds may become aggressive once they start maturing        
hand-to-hand   , hand to hand  
corps à corps  
→ There was, reportedly, hand-to-hand combat in the streets ...        
→ He suffered two broken ribs in a fierce hand-to-hand battle.        
to fight hand-to-hand      combattre corps à corps  
hand to mouth  
to live hand to mouth      vivre au jour le jour  
to live a hand-to-mouth existence      vivre au jour le jour  
hand towel  
      n   essuie-mains    m inv     
hand wash   , hand-wash  
      vt   laver à la main  
      adj   tissé (e)   à la main  
helping hand  
      n   coup    m   de main  
→ I think he deserves a helping hand        
to give sb a helping hand, to lend sb a helping hand      donner un coup de main à qn  
hour hand  
      n   petite aiguille    f     
iron hand  
to rule with an iron hand      gouverner d'une main de fer  
[side, corner]  
→ They drive on the left-hand side of the road.        
→ the left-hand corner of the drawer        
left-hand drive  
   (=car)   voiture    f   avec volant à gauche  
→ She has bought a left-hand drive.        
   (=driving style of car)   conduite    f   à gauche  
→ The car has left-hand drive.        
[vehicle, car]  
avec volant à gauche  
→ She has a left-hand drive mini that she got in France.        
minute hand  
      n   grande aiguille    f     
ranch hand  
      n   ouvrier (-ière)      m/f   agricole  
droit (e)     
→ ... the upper right-hand corner of the picture.        
the right-hand side      la droite  
→ ... a church on the right-hand side of the road.        
It's on the right-hand side.      C'est à droite.  
right-hand drive  
avec la conduite à droite  
→ I prefer to hire a car locally: it's not easy to drive a right-hand drive vehicle in Europe.        
a right-hand drive car      une voiture avec la conduite à droite  
   (=mechanism)   conduite    f   à droite  
→ This model is not available with right-hand drive.        
   (=car)   voiture    f   avec la conduite à droite  
right-hand man  
      n   bras droit >     (fig)  
second hand  
      n     (on clock)    trotteuse    f     
second-hand   , secondhand  
   [car, books, clothes]   d'occasion  
→ ... a stack of second-hand books.        
a secondhand car      une voiture d'occasion  
   [shop]   d'articles d'occasion
   [stories, information, news, opinions]   de seconde main  
→ He conceded that second-hand accounts are leading to rumour and counter-rumour ...        
→ The denunciation was made on the basis of second-hand information.        
   [buy]   d'occasion  
→ Far more boats are bought second-hand than are bought brand new.        
   (=indirectly)   indirectement  
to hear sth secondhand      apprendre qch indirectement  
second-hand bookshop   , secondhand bookshop  
      n   bouquiniste    m     
upper hand  
to have the upper hand      avoir le dessus  
Traduction Dictionnaire Collins Anglais - Français  
"hand held system" : exemples et traductions en contexte
the hand held system further includes a single detector coupled to the concentrator and a fluid system that provides fluid communication between the housing passage and the concentrator, and between the concentrator and the detector le système portatif comprend en outre un détecteur unique couplé au concentrateur et un système de fluide qui assure une communication fluidique entre le passage de boîtier et le concentrateur, et entre le concentrateur et le détecteur
Preferred embodiments include hybrid portal systems and hybrid hand-held systems. Des modes de réalisation préférés comportent des systèmes de portail hybrides et des systèmes portatifs hybrides.
Ion mobility spectrometry technology systems and hand-held systems Used for identifying trace amounts of narcotics residue. Système technologique à spectrométrie de mobilité ionique et système tenu à la main Utilisé pour repérer les traces infimes de résidus de stupéfiants.
The MMTD is a hand-held system which detects a broad range of is ideal for aviation, special event and border security. Détecteur portatif adapté à une vaste gamme de menaces, pour des applications telles que la sécurité aérienne, les contrôles aux frontières ou les événements exceptionnels.
Proactive disclosure Contraband Detection Trace Detection Technology Trace detection technology systems and hand-held systems Used for identifying trace amounts of narcotics and explosives residue. Divulgation proactive Détection de la contrebande Technologie de détection des traces Systèmes de technologie de détection des traces et systèmes manuels Ils sont utilisés pour repérer des quantités minimes de stupéfiants et de résidus d'explosifs.
Toshiba memory products are designed to enhance the performance of desktop systems, high-performance computers, graphics systems, portable and hand-held systems, networking and communication equipment. Les produits de stockage Toshiba élargissent la capacité de prestation des ordinateurs de bureau, des ordinateurs à haute performance, des systèmes graphiques, des ordinateurs portables, des appareils de réseau et de communication.
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