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hard stuff n.
choses dures

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truc ; substance
farcir (vt.) ; bourrer (vt.)
truc de fille
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a drop of the hard stuff
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     (not soft)   
[surface, object]  
dur (e)     
→ the hard wooden floor        
→ The green apples were as hard as rocks.        
→ hard wooden benches        
This cheese is very hard.      Ce fromage est très dur.  
   (=difficult, tough)  
[question, problem]  
→ That is a very hard question to answer.        
[work]   difficile  
→ Their work is hard and dangerous.        
→ Coping with three babies is very hard work.        
→ The hard part is knowing who to trust.        
[life, time]   difficile  
→ He's had a very hard life.        
→ We have been through hard times together.        
→ By now the hard part was over. He had taken the course and his rivals on and had achieved a psychological victory over both        
[day]   dur (e)     
→ I'd had a long, hard day on the wards        
This question's too hard for me.      Cette question est trop difficile pour moi.  
a hard day's work      une dure journée de travail  
→ after a hard day's work, I just didn't want to get my books out in the evening and study        
it's hard work doing sth      c'est dur de faire qch  
→ it's hard work serving in a shop        
→ Looking after young children is very hard work.        
it was hard going      ça a été dur  
it is hard to do sth, It is hard to understand what is happening.      C'est difficile de comprendre ce qui se passe.  
It's hard to tell.      C'est difficile à dire.  
→ Did he hit her deliberately? It's hard to tell.        
It's hard to tell what the effect will be.      C'est difficile de prévoir quels seront les effets.  
It's hard to say.      C'est difficile à dire.  
→ which way the vote will go? It's hard to say.        
It's hard to say what he'll do next.      C'est difficile de prévoir ce qu'il fera par la suite.  
It's hard to know what to do.      C'est difficile de savoir que faire.  
to find it hard to do sth      avoir du mal à faire qch  
→ You'll find it hard to get another job.        
→ He found it hard to keep up with the other athletes.        
→ She found it hard to accept some of the criticisms made about her work.        
I find it hard to believe that ...      je n'arrive pas à croire que ...  
→ I find it hard to believe that nobody heard me knocking.        
to be hard to please      être difficile  
→ Her manager is notoriously hard to please.        
to be hard on sb      [situation]   être dur pour qn  
→ It was hard on the children splitting up like that.        
→ His behaviour has sometimes been hard on the whole family.        
→ Yes, it's hard on the fans.        
to be hard on the eyes      faire mal aux yeux  
→ the grey light was hard on the eyes after the candlelit church        
to be hard on the ears      faire mal aux oreilles  
no hard feelings!      sans rancune!  
→ Boyzone star Ronan Keating celebrated beating Geri Halliwell to No1 in the charts yesterday and said: "No hard feelings, Geri."        
hard cheese!      *   pas de bol! *  , pas de chance!  
    hard luck  
dur (e)     
→ Her father was a very hard man.        
[expression]   sévère  
→ the hard look on Maggie's face        
[voice]   dur (e)     
→ His voice had become hard        
to be hard on sb      (=severe with)   être dur (e)   avec qn  
→ Don't be so hard on him - it wasn't his fault.        
[kick, punch]  
violent (e)     
→ He gave her a hard push.        
→ We have no hard evidence to indicate that he is the culprit.        
[facts]   concret (-ète)     
→ There are probably fewer hard facts about the life of Henry Purcell than that of any other great composer since the Renaissance.        
     (weather conditions)   
→ the hard winter of 1944-45        
[frost]   fort (e)     
→ A hard frost covered the grass        
→ There was a hard frost last night.        
   [drug]   dur (e)  
   [water]   calcaire
   [hit, kick, push]   fort  
→ I hit him hard.        
→ He kicked the ball too hard.        
   [work]   dur  
→ I've been working hard all day.        
He has worked very hard.      Il a travaillé très dur.  
to think hard      bien réfléchir  
→ He was thinking hard about what to do next.        
to try hard      faire de son mieux  
to try hard to do sth      faire de son mieux pour faire qch  
→ Cherie was trying hard not to laugh        
→ I tried hard to persuade him        
to try a bit harder      essayer un peu plus  
→ if you tried a bit harder        
to laugh hard      rire fort  
→ I've never seen Terry laugh so hard.        
to look hard at sth      (=consider carefully)  
  [+problem, issue]  
examiner qch  
→ We need to look hard at the reasons for these poor results.        
→ Photojournalists need to look hard at how to approach the changing marketplace.        
→ We need to look hard at what's gone wrong and put it right.        
to look hard at sb/sth      (=stare)   regarder fixement qn/qch  
to fight hard to do sth      faire d'énormes efforts pour faire qch  
→ She has fought hard to bring the case to justice.        
→ The Queen fought hard to hold back her emotions.        
to fight hard for sth      se battre durement pour qch  
→ They fought hard for this right: today they should use it        
→ I've fought hard for fair compensation terms        
to be hard put to do sth, to be hard pushed to do sth      avoir beaucoup de mal à faire qch  
→ I'd be hard pushed to teach him anything.        
to be hard hit by sth      être durement frappé (e)   par qch  
→ plans to create employment in areas hard hit by the economic depression        
→ Energy companies have been hard hit by corrupt practices.        
→ She works in Kwazulu-Natal, the province hardest hit by Aids.        
→ Parts of the coast have also been struggling with a four-year drought, but the hardest hit areas are inland.        
to take sth hard      être très affecté (e)   par qch  
to play hard to get      se faire désirer  
to be hard done by      être traité (e)   injustement  
to feel hard done by        (British)   se sentir brimé (e)     
→ The team are feeling very hard done by - it wasn't a fair decision at all.        
   (=heavily)   [snow]   abondamment  
→ It was snowing hard by the time night fell.        
   to set hard      durcir  
→ The concrete takes about 24 hours to set hard        
to freeze hard      geler  
to be frozen hard      être complètement gelé (e)     

hard and fast   , hard-and-fast  
      adj   (=definite)  
concluant (e)     
→ There is no hard and fast evidence that young children's mental well-being suffers when both parents work.        
[decision, conclusion]   définitif (-ive)     
→ They opted out of making a hard and fast decision.        
There are no hard and fast rules.      Il n'y pas de règle absolue.  
→ There are no hard and fast rules, but rather traditional guidelines as to who pays for what ...        
      adj   (=tough)  
[journalist, soldier, detective]  
endurci (e)     
→ ... a cynical hard-bitten journalist.        
hard-boiled   , hard boiled  
   [egg]   dur (e)     
hard-boiled egg      œuf    m   dur  
   (=cynical, tough)  
endurci (e)     
→ She's hard-boiled, tough and funny.        
hard cash  
      n   argent    m   liquide  
in hard cash      en liquide, en argent liquide, en espèces  
→ I'd prefer to be paid in hard cash.        
→ One thousand dollars in hard cash.        
hard cider     (US)  
      n   cidre    m     
hard copy  
      n     (COMPUTING)   version    f   papier  
→ The maintenance of archives, whether in hard copy or on the Internet, is very important.        
→ I need hard copy of the files.        
→ When I'm finished, I'll print out a hard copy.        
→ We keep a hard copy of everything.        
hard court  
      n     (TENNIS)   court    m   en dur  
hard currency  
      n   devise    f   forte  
→ The government is running short of hard currency to pay for imports.        
hard disk  
      n     (COMPUTING)   disque    m   dur  
      adj   qui boit beaucoup  
→ She had transformed him from being a hard-drinking womaniser into a devoted husband and father.        
hard drug  
      n   drogue    f   dure  
      adj   durement gagné (e)     
acharné (e)     
[election, competition]  
âprement disputé (e)     
hard hat  
   [+construction worker]   casque    m     
(=riding hat)  
bombe    f  
     (US)   (=construction worker)   ouvrier (-ière)      m/f   du bâtiment  
→ ... a hard-headed and shrewd businesswoman ...        
→ They are taking a hard-headed commercial decision.        
      adj   dur (e)  , impitoyable  
[speech, article]  
sans complaisance  
hard labour   ,   (British)   hard labor     (US)  
      n   travaux    mpl   forcés  
→ He was condemned to six months hard labour.        
hard left  
      n   extrême gauche    f     
hard left   , hard-left  
[party, leader]  
d'extrême gauche  
[belief, viewpoint]  
d'extrême gauche  
→ ... the hard-left view that foreign forces should not have been sent.        
hard liquor  
      n   alcools    mpl   forts  
I never touch hard liquor.      Je ne touche jamais aux alcools forts.  
hard luck  
   (=bad luck)   malchance    f     
We had a bit of hard luck this season.      On a un peu joué de malchance cette saison.  
to be hard luck on sb, It was hard luck on him.      Ce n'était vraiment pas de chance pour lui., Ce n'était vraiment pas de bol *   pour lui.  
→ It was jolly hard luck on him, wasn't it?        
      excl   pas de chance, pas de bol *     
→ Hard luck, chaps, but don't despair too much.        
hard-luck story   , hard luck story  
      n   récit    m   des déboires  
→ He was always a sucker for a hard luck story and was quick to put his hand in his pocket, never worrying if he was being conned.        
→ We've heard all these hard-luck stories about her repressed childhood and abused adulthood before.        
      adj   impitoyable, dur (e)     
hard of hearing   , hard-of-hearing  
to be hard of hearing      être dur (e)   d'oreille  
the hard of hearing      les malentendants    mpl     
hard porn   *  
      n   porno    m   hard *     
      adj   sous pression  
to be hard-pressed to do sth      avoir du mal à faire qch  
hard right  
      n   extrême droite    f     
hard right   , hard-right  
[party, leader]  
d'extrême droite  
[belief, viewpoint]  
d'extrême droite  
→ ... the appearance of hard-right political groupings.        
hard rock  
      n     (MUSIC)   hard rock    m     
hard sell   , hard-sell  
      n   (=aggressive sales pitch)   vente    f   agressive
[tactics, approach]  
de vente agressive  
→ I don't like his hard sell approach.        
hard shoulder  
      n     (British)   bande    f   d'arrêt d'urgence  
hard up   , hard-up  
      adj   (=not well-off)   sans le sou, fauché (e)   *     
→ Her parents were very hard up.        
      adj   résistant (e)     
→ hard-wearing cotton shirts        
→ hard-wearing fabrics such as denim        
→ it is better to pave the space with a hard-wearing surface such as brick or stone        
hard-wired   , hardwired  
     (COMPUTING)   câblé (e)  
     (into the brain)    programmé (e)     
→ Others think that the rules for what is `musical' are hard-wired in our brains to some degree.        
      adj   durement gagné (e)     
      adj   travailleur (-euse)     
rock-hard   , rock hard  
      adj   dur (e)   comme la pierre  
→ During the dry season the land is rock hard.        
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"hard stuff" : exemples et traductions en contexte
Maybe we could stay off the hard stuff for a while and just smoke. On pourrait peut-être arrêter un peu les drogues dures, et juste fumer.
Drop of the hard stuff for yourself. Gardez les choses difficiles pour vous.
You got to get to the hard stuff. Tu dois passer aux choses difficiles.
Talk to someone, Maya, because the hard stuff... it always gets easier once you let it out. Parle à quelqu'un, car les choses difficiles... deviennent toujours plus faciles quand elles sortent.
This is pretty hard stuff to listen to but it shows what we can do. Ce sont des choses difficiles à entendre, mais qui montrent ce qui peut être fait.
Hello? This is really hard stuff. Hello, ce qu'on a filmé, c'est de l'or.
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