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position of attention n.
position du garde-à-vous

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Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais-Français
poste de confiance
un poste de responsabilité
attitude en Bouddha du foetus
ectopie testiculaire
exercer les fonctions de; accéder à un poste de
Par exemple : he is going to take up the position of director = il va exercer la fonction de directeur
position déclive de la jambe
avoir {or} occuper une position influente
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   [+person, thing]   position    f     
an uncomfortable position      une position inconfortable  
→ The house is in a very exposed position.        
→ The ship's name and position were reported to the coastguard.        
→ The position of the tree meant that the garden received very little sunlight.        
→ From the position of the sun, I think it must be about 2 p.m.        
→ She remained in that position.        
in an erect position      droit (e)     
→ The upper back and neck are held in an erect position.        
to raise o.s. to a sitting position      se mettre en position assise  
→ Mr. Dambar had raised himself to a sitting position.        
to take up a position      prendre place  
→ She took up a position at the window to watch for Jenny coming.        
to be in position      [troops, police]   être en position  
→ Some 28,000 US troops were in position around the capital.        
→ Extra security staff were in position, stationed among the crowd.        
     (in community, society)    position    f     
→ Old people sometimes find it hard to adjusting to their changing role and position in society.        
→ Priests have traditionally held an important position in the community.        
     (in competition, league, race)    position    f     
→ By the ninth hour the car was running in eighth position.        
   (=situation)   position    f     
→ It was not the first time he had found himself in this position.        
to be in a difficult position      être dans une position délicate  
→ He's going to be in a very difficult position indeed if things go badly for him.        
to be in the fortunate position of being ...      avoir la chance d'être ...  
→ You are in the fortunate position of having no responsibilities.        
financial position      situation    f   financière  
→ Companies should be made to reveal more about their financial position.        
   to be in a position to do sth      être en mesure de faire qch  
→ The UN is in a position to provide relief for refugees.        
to be in no position to do sth      ne pas être en mesure de faire qch  
→ They were in no position to help.        
I am not in a position to comment.      Je ne suis pas en mesure de faire de commentaires.  
   (=attitude)   position    f     
sb's position on sth      la position de qn sur qch  
→ What is their position on disarmament?        
→ He could be depended on to take a moderate position on most of the key issues.        
→ Mr Cranston is afraid to state his true position on the republic, which is that he opposed it.        
   (=job)   poste    m     
→ Ideally, I'd like a part-time position.        
→ top management positions        
to take up a position      (=start a job)   commencer à travailler  
→ In November he will take up a position in a bigger company.        
→ He left a career in teaching to take up a position with the Arts Council        
  [+person, thing]  
mettre en place or en position  
→ Position the tallest plants nearest the fence.        
→ The Sergeant positioned his men in the woods nearby.        
to position o.s.      se placer  
→ The boy positioned himself near the door.        

lotus position  
      n   position    f   du lotus  
missionary position  
      n   position    f   du missionnaire  
pole position  
      n   pole position    f     
→ Gardner recorded the fastest lap in qualifying to earn pole position for today's US Grand Prix.        
to be in pole position      [driver]   être en pole position  
position paper  
      n   rapport    m     
→ The ministers will be examining a position paper outlining options        
→ yesterday's publication of a position paper on responses to domestic violence, drawn up by a north-west Connemara community-based group        
recovery position  
      n     (MEDICINE)   position    f   latérale de sécurité  
to put sb in the recovery position      mettre qn en position latérale de sécurité  
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"position of attention" : exemples et traductions en contexte
You people are at the position of attention! Tout le monde doit être au garde-à-vous!
Keywords: Position of attention, to stand at attention, standing to attention, goat, goats, buck, he goat, capra aegagrus hircus, bucks, billies, billy goat, argan tree Mots clés: Garde-à-vous, prenez garde à vous, se tenir debout, chèvre, chèvres, capra aegagrus hircus, bique, biques, arganier
Stand at the position of attention, candidate. En position de garde-à-vous, cadet.
A focusing position detection section (74) detects the focus position where the focusing measure is peaked, as the focusing position of the attention pixel. Une section de détection de la position de focalisation (74) détecte la position de focalisation où la mesure de focalisation présente un pic, formant la position de focalisation du pixel d'attention.
Strengthening of border controls, the position of Kaliningrad, attention to nuclear safety and so on and so forth. Renforcement des contrôles frontaliers, la position de Kaliningrad, attention pour la sécurité nucléaire, etc.
The Panama National Service of Immigration will supply special migratory positions for the attention of people under age who are already nationals, temporary or permanent residents, in order to comply with that established in Articles 39 and 40 of the Decree Law. Le Service national de l'immigration au Panama fournira spéciale positions migratoires à l'attention des personnes de moins qui sont déjà ressortissants, résidents permanents ou temporaires, afin de se conformer à celle établie aux articles 39 et 40 du décret-loi.
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