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   (=current)   actuel (le)     
the present situation      la situation actuelle  
→ The present system has many failings.        
→ the government's present economic difficulties        
→ He has brought much of the present crisis on himself.        
→ The house has been skilfully renovated by the present owners.        
→ the present political climate        
in the present day      aujourd'hui  
→ humour and beauty unequalled in the present day.        
to the present day      jusqu'à aujourd'hui  
→ Western European art from the period of Giotto to the present day        
of the present day      d'aujourd'hui  
→ monastic music of the present day        
for the present day      pour aujourd'hui  
→ forms of worship for the present day        
   (=in attendance)   présent (e)     
The whole family was present.      Toute la famille était présente.  
There was a photographer present.      Un photographe était présent.  
→ Some two hundred people were present to witness the event.        
to be present at      être présent à  
Nearly 85% of men are present at the birth of their children.      Presque 85% des hommes sont présents à la naissance de leur enfant.  
He wasn't present at the meeting.      Il n'était pas présent à la réunion.  
→ He had been present at the dance.        
→ The president was not present at the meeting.        
those present      les présents  
→ Will all those present who were not here last week please raise their hands.        
   (=in existence)   présent (e)     
to be present in sth      être présent dans qch  
this form of vitamin D is naturally present in breast milk      cette forme de vitamine D est naturellement présente dans le lait maternel  
→ The bacterium is naturally present in large numbers in the intestine.        
→ One theory is that the infection has been present in humans for a very long time.        
   (=gift)   cadeau    m     
I'm going to buy a present for my nephew.      Je vais acheter un cadeau pour mon neveu.  
→ This book would make a great Christmas present.        
→ The painting was a wedding present from the Prime Minister.        
→ Don't forget to get a present for your mother's birthday.        
to give sb a present      offrir un cadeau à qn  
→ Just look at the present he's given me!        
   (=present time)   présent    m     
→ We have to come to terms with the present.        
→ his struggle to reconcile the past with the present        
to live in the present      vivre dans le présent  
→ They should try to live in the present a bit more instead of always dwelling on the past.        
at present      en ce moment  
→ I don't want to get married at present.        
→ There is no way at present of predicting which individuals will develop the disease.        
→ At present children under 14 are not permitted in bars.        
up to the present      jusqu'à présent  
for the present      pour l'instant  
there's no time like the present!      pourquoi attendre?  
→ No time like the present, I thought, despite the late hour.        
→ If you give yourself time to tune in to the Cuban way of life, the island is a treasure chest packed with jewels. And there is no time like the present to visit        
        present tense    présent    m  
   (=give formally)  
  [+prizes, awards]  
→ Prince Michael of Kent presented the prizes.        
→ The Awards were presented by Sir Robin Day.        
to present sb with sth        [+award, medal]   présenter qch à qn  
→ The mayor presented him with a gold medal at an official city reception.        
  [+gift]   offrir qch à qn  
We were presented with a fait accompli.      Nous nous trouvions en face d'un fait accompli.  
to present sth to sb        [+prize, award]   présenter qch à qn  
→ The president then presented a cheque for £1000 to the winner.        
  [+document, plan, proposal]  
You will have to present your findings to the board.      Vous devrez présenter vos résultats au conseil.  
→ We presented three options to the unions for discussion.        
   (=set out)  
  [+essay, information]  
Information can be presented in many ways.      L'information peut être présentée de nombreuses manières.  
→ we presented the information in a variety of chart forms        
  [+difficulty, problem, threat, challenge]  
→ This presents something of a problem.        
→ The new laws on tax present a threat for small businesses.        
→ The future will present many challenges.        
→ Public policy on the family presents liberals with a dilemma.        
→ This summer school presents an opportunity to experience all aspects of dance.        
to present itself      se présenter  
if the opportunity presents itself      si l'occasion se présente  
→ Was he going to do it again if the opportunity presented itself?        
→ If the opportunity presents itself, I'll definitely speak to him today.        
→ Their colleagues insulted them whenever the opportunity presented itself.        
   (=put across)  
  [+person, event, image]  
Her lawyer wanted to present her in the most favourable light.      Son avocat voulait la présenter sous le jour le plus favorable.  
to present sth as sth      présenter qch comme qch  
The government has presented these changes as major reforms.      Le gouvernement a présenté ces changements comme des réformes majeures.  
→ It was really only speculation presented as fact.        
to present o.s. as sth      se présenter comme qch  
→ The British like to present themselves as a nation of dog-lovers.        
→ May I present Mr Rudolph Wallace?        
→ I'd like to present our guest speaker, Janice Wilkinson.        
to present sb to sb      présenter qn à qn  
→ He was presented to the Queen at a reception at Buckingham Palace.        
     (mainly British)   (=host)  
  [+TV programme, radio programme]  
→ "University Link", compiled and presented by Dr Brian Smith        
→ She presents a monthly arts programme on the BBC.        
   (=put on)  
  [+show, play, new production]  
→ Scottish Opera presents a startling new production of the operatic drama The Turn of the Screw        
   to present o.s.        (in court, for interview, at police station)    se présenter  
→ she was told to present herself at the Town Hall at 11.30 for the induction ceremony        
to present arms      présenter les armes  
Present arms!      Présentez armes!  

birthday present  
      n   cadeau    m   d'anniversaire  
→ I'm going to open my birthday presents later.        
Christmas present  
      n   cadeau    m   de Noël  
leaving present  
      n   cadeau    m   de départ  
      adj   actuel (le)     
→ Even by present-day standards these were large aircraft.        
→ a huge area of northern India, stretching from present-day Afghanistan to Bengal        
→ present-day champions of the cause        
→ environments similar to present-day conditions may have existed about 600 million years ago.        
present participle  
      n   participe    m   présent  
present perfect  
      n   passé    m   composé  
present tense  
      n   présent    m     
the present tense      le présent  
wedding present  
      n   cadeau    m   de mariage
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