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      n     (gen)    processus    m     
→ the 12-week training process        
→ a slow and laborious process        
→ They decided to spread the building process over three years.        
all stages in the process      toutes les étapes du processus  
→ all stages in the process from receipt of manuscript to publication        
the peace process      le processus de paix  
by a process of elimination      en procédant par élimination  
→ By a process of elimination, the police had just two suspects left.        
→ He concluded by a process of elimination that (b) must be the right answer.        
to be in the process of doing sth      être en train de faire qch  
→ We are in the process of expanding our operations.        
→ The administration is in the process of drawing up a peace plan.        
We're in the process of painting the kitchen.      Nous sommes en train de peindre la cuisine.  
     (natural)    processus    m     
→ The regularity with which this occurs suggests that the process is genetically determined.        
the process by which ...      le processus par lequel ...  
the process by which protein is digested      le processus par lequel les protéines sont digérées  
the ageing process      le processus de vieillissement  
→ factors that accelerate the ageing process        
   in the process      (=in doing so)   ce faisant  
→ He finished ahead of the Spaniard, and in the process picked up his medal.        
→ I managed to lift him from his chair but in the process I overbalanced.        
     [+raw material, food]   traiter  
to be processed      être traité (e)     
→ fish which are processed by the best methods, from freezing to canning and smoking        
→ The pulp is processed by the addition of bleach.        
to be processed into      être transformé (e)   en  
→ The material will be processed into plastic pellets.        
     [+application, order]   traiter  
→ Your application will take a few weeks to process.        
Allow 10 days for your application to be processed.      Comptez 10 jours pour que votre demande soit traitée.  
     [+information, data]   traiter  
→ The computer's slow because there is a lot of information for it to process.        
→ We need to process the results from the surveys before we can write our report.        
to be processed by computer      être traité (e)   informatiquement  
→ The information gathered by the telescopes will be processed by computers.        
      vi     (British)   (=go in procession)   défiler  

manufacturing process  
      n   processus    m   de fabrication  
peace process  
the peace process      le processus de paix  
thought process  
      n   mécanisme    m   de pensée
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