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bêtise     (rare)   craziness     (informal)   daftness     (informal)   farce, farcicality, farcicalness, folly, foolishness, idiocy, illogicality, illogicalness, incongruity, irrationality, joke, ludicrousness, meaninglessness, nonsense, preposterousness, ridiculousness, senselessness, silliness, stupidity, unreasonableness  
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If you say that something is absurd, you are criticizing it because you think that it is ridiculous or that it does not make sense.      adj   oft it v-link ADJ to-inf/that     (disapproval)    (=ridiculous)  
It is absurd to be discussing compulsory redundancy policies for teachers..., I've known clients of mine go to absurd lengths, just to avoid paying me a few pounds...     
      The absurd is something that is absurd.  
FORMAL      n-sing   the N  
Parkinson had a sharp eye for the absurd.     
  absurdly      adv  
Prices were still absurdly low, in his opinion...     
   absurdity            ( absurdities    plural)    n-var  
I find myself growing increasingly angry at the absurdity of the situation.     

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