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1    approachability, attainability, availability, handiness, nearness, obtainability, possibility, readiness  
2    affability, approachability, conversableness, cordiality, friendliness, informality  
3    exposedness, openness, susceptibility  
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1       adj   If a place or building is accessibleto people, it is easy for them to reach it or get into it. If an object is accessible, it is easy to reach.  
oft ADJ to n  
The Centre is easily accessible to the general public..., The premises are wheelchair accessible...     
   accessibility             n-uncount  
...the easy accessibility of the area.     
2       adj   If something is accessibleto people, they can easily use it or obtain it.  
oft ADJ to n  
The legal aid system should be accessible to more people...     
   accessibility             n-uncount  
...the quality and accessibility of health care.     
3       adj   If you describe a book, painting, or other work of art as accessible, you think it is good because it is simple enough for people to understand and appreciate easily.  
oft ADJ to n     (approval)    ...literary books that are accessible to a general audience.     
   accessibility             n-uncount  
Seminar topics are chosen for their accessibility to a general audience.     

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