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1    attend, chaperon, conduct, convoy, escort, go with, hold (someone's) hand, squire, usher  
2    belong to, coexist with, coincide with, come with, follow, go cheek by jowl, go together with, join with, occur with, supplement  
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  ( accompanies    3rd person present)   ( accompanying    present participle)   ( accompanied    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you accompany someone, you go somewhere with them.  
FORMAL   Ken agreed to accompany me on a trip to Africa...      V n  
The Prime Minister, accompanied by the governor, led the President up to the house.      V-ed  
2       verb   If one thing accompanies another, it happens or exists at the same time, or as a result of it.  
FORMAL   This volume of essays was designed to accompany an exhibition in Cologne...      V n  
3       verb   If you accompany a singer or a musician, you play one part of a piece of music while they sing or play the main tune.  
He sang and Alice accompanied him on the piano...      V n  

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distinctive scent that accompanies the rain and rises up from the ground especially after a period of warm and dry weather
Ex.: And we could smell the scent of wheat and petrichor rising up in the air as a silent clamour.
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