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accurateness, authenticity, carefulness, closeness, correctness, exactitude, exactness, faithfulness, faultlessness, fidelity, meticulousness, niceness, nicety, precision, strictness, truth, truthfulness, veracity, verity  
   carelessness, erroneousness, imprecision, inaccuracy, incorrectness, inexactitude, laxity, laxness  
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1       n-uncount   The accuracyof information or measurements is their quality of being true or correct, even in small details.  
oft N of n     (Antonym: inaccuracy)    We cannot guarantee the accuracy of these figures.     
2       n-uncount   If someone or something performs a task, for example hitting a target, withaccuracy, they do it in an exact way without making a mistake.  
oft with N     (Antonym: inaccuracy)    ...weapons that could fire with accuracy at targets 3,000 yards away...     

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