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authentically, carefully, closely, correctly, exactly, faithfully, faultlessly, justly, meticulously, nicely, precisely, properly, regularly, rightly, scrupulously, strictly, to the letter, truly, truthfully, unerringly, veraciously  
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1       adj   Accurate information, measurements, and statistics are correct to a very detailed level. An accurate instrument is able to give you information of this kind.   (=precise)     (Antonym: inaccurate)    Police have stressed that this is the most accurate description of the killer to date..., Quartz timepieces are very accurate, to a minute or two per year.     
   accurately             adv  
The test can accurately predict what a bigger explosion would do.     
2       adj   An accurate statement or account gives a true or fair judgment of something.,   (Antonym: inaccurate)    Joseph Stalin gave an accurate assessment of the utility of nuclear weapons..., They were accurate in their prediction that he would change her life drastically.     
   accurately             adv   ADV with v  
What many people mean by the word `power' could be more accurately described as `control'.     
3       adj   You can use accurate to describe the results of someone's actions when they do or copy something correctly or exactly.,   (Antonym: inaccurate)    Marks were given for accurate spelling and punctuation.     
4       adj   An accurate weapon or throw reaches the exact point or target that it was intended to reach. You can also describe a person as accurate if they fire a weapon or throw something in this way.,   (Antonym: inaccurate)    The rifle was extremely accurate...     
   accurately             adv   ADV with v   (=precisely)  
...the technology to aim bombs accurately from aircraft.     

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