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acclimatize, accommodate, accustom, adapt, alter, arrange, compose, convert, customize, dispose, fit, fix, harmonize, make conform, measure, modify, order, reconcile, rectify, redress, regulate, remodel, set, settle, suit, tune (up), tweak     (informal)  
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  ( adjusts    3rd person present)   ( adjusting    present participle)   ( adjusted    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   When you adjustto a new situation, you get used to it by changing your behaviour or your ideas.  
We have been preparing our fighters to adjust themselves to civil society...      V n to n  
I felt I had adjusted to the idea of being a mother very well...      V to n  
It has been hard to adjust but now I'm getting satisfaction from my work.      V  
2       verb   If you adjust something, you change it so that it is more effective or appropriate.  
To attract investors, Panama has adjusted its tax and labour laws.      V n  
3       verb   If you adjust something such as your clothing or a machine, you correct or alter its position or setting.  
Liz adjusted her mirror and then edged the car out of its parking bay.      V n  
4       verb   If you adjust your vision or if your vision adjusts, the muscles of your eye or the pupils alter to cope with changes in light or distance.  
He stopped to try to adjust his vision to the faint starlight...      V n  
We stood in the doorway until our eyes adjusted...      V  

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Dictionnaire Collaboratif     Anglais Synonymes
hin, often tapered piece of material, such as wood, stone, or metal, used to fill gaps, make something level, or adjust something to fit properly
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