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antagonistic, conflicting, contrary, detrimental, disadvantageous, hostile, inexpedient, inimical, injurious, inopportune, negative, opposing, opposite, reluctant, repugnant, unfavourable, unfortunate, unfriendly, unlucky, unpropitious, unwilling  
   advantageous, auspicious, beneficial, favourable, fortunate, helpful, lucky, opportune, promising, propitious, suitable  
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Adverse decisions, conditions, or effects are unfavourable to you.      adj   usu ADJ n     (Antonym: favourable)    Despite the adverse conditions, the road was finished in just eight months.     
  adversely      adv   ADV with v  
Price changes must not adversely affect the living standards of the people.     

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The practice of monitoring the effects of medical drugs, especially in order to identify and evaluate previously unreported adverse reactions
[Med.] Ex: In his job as a pharmacovigilance officer, Andrew develops diagnostic tools to improve drug safety
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