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agreeing, approving, assenting, concurring, confirming, consenting, corroborative, favourable, positive  
   denying, disagreeing, disapproving, dissenting, negating, negative  
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1       adj   An affirmative word or gesture indicates that you agree with what someone has said or that the answer to a question is `yes'.  
FORMAL, Antonym: negative   Haig was desperately eager for an affirmative answer...     
  affirmatively      adv   ADV with v  
`Is that clear?' Bob nodded his head affirmatively.     
2    If you reply to a question in the affirmative, you say `yes' or make a gesture that means `yes'.  
in the affirmative      phrase   PHR after v  
He asked me if I was ready. I answered in the affirmative.     
3       adj   In grammar, an affirmative clause is positive and does not contain a negative word.,   (Antonym: negative)   

affirmative action     
Affirmative action is the policy of giving jobs and other opportunities to members of groups such as racial minorities or women who might not otherwise have them.  
  (AM)      n-uncount  
in BRIT, use positive discrimination     

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