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      adj   adverse, beyond one's ken, conflicting, contrary, estranged, exotic, foreign, inappropriate, incompatible, incongruous, not native, not naturalized, opposed, outlandish, remote, repugnant, separated, strange, unfamiliar  
      n   foreigner, newcomer, outsider, stranger  
,       adj   affiliated, akin, alike, allied, analogous, cognate, connected, corresponding, kindred, like, parallel, related, similar  
      n   citizen, countryman, dweller, inhabitant, national, resident  
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  ( aliens    plural  )
1       adj   Alien means belonging to a different country, race, or group, usually one you do not like or are frightened of.  
FORMAL   usu ADJ n     (disapproval)    (=foreign)  
He said they were opposed to the presence of alien forces in the region.     
2       adj   You use alien to describe something that seems strange and perhaps frightening, because it is not part of your normal experience.  
usu ADJ n   (=unfamiliar)  
His work offers an insight into an alien culture.     
3       adj   If something is aliento you or to your normal feelings or behaviour, it is not the way you would normally feel or behave.  
FORMAL   v-link ADJ to n   (=foreign, unfamiliar)  
Such an attitude is alien to most businessmen.     
4       n-count   An alien is someone who is not a legal citizen of the country in which they live.  
FORMAL or, LEGAL   (=foreigner)  
5       n-count   In science fiction, an alien is a creature from outer space.  

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