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1    arrange in line, coordinate, even, even up, line up, make parallel, order, range, regulate, sequence, straighten  
2    affiliate, agree, ally, associate, cooperate, join, side, sympathize  
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  ( aligns    3rd person present)   ( aligning    present participle)   ( aligned    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If you alignyourself with a particular group, you support them because you have the same political aim.  
There are signs that the prime minister is aligning himself with the liberals...      V pron-refl prep  
He has attempted to align the Socialists with the environmental movement.      V n prep, Also V prep  
2       verb   If you align something, you place it in a certain position in relation to something else, usually parallel to it.  
A tripod will be useful to align and steady the camera...      V n  

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