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alive with

abounding in, bristling with, bustling with, buzzing with, crawling with, hopping with, infested with, jumping with, lousy with     (slang)   overrun by, packed with, swarming with, teeming with, thronged with  
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1       adj   If people or animals are alive, they are not dead.  
v-link ADJ, keep n ADJ     (Antonym: dead)    She does not know if he is alive or dead..., They kept her alive on a life support machine.     
2       adj   If you say that someone seems alive, you mean that they seem to be very lively and to enjoy everything that they do.  
usu v-link ADJ  
Our relationship made me feel more alive...     
3       adj   If an activity, organization, or situation is alive, it continues to exist or function.  
v-link ADJ, keep n ADJ     (Antonym: dead)    The big factories are trying to stay alive by cutting costs..., Both communities have a tradition of keeping history alive.     
4       adj   If a place is alivewith something, there are a lot of people or things there and it seems busy or exciting.  
v-link ADJ, usu ADJ with n  
The river was alive with birds...     
5    If people, places, or events come alive, they start to be lively again after a quiet period. If someone or something brings them alive, they cause them to come alive.  
come/bring alive      phrase   V inflects  
The doctor's voice had come alive and his small eyes shone.     
6    If a story or description comes alive, it becomes interesting, lively, or realistic. If someone or something brings it alive, they make it seem more interesting, lively, or realistic.  
come/bring alive      phrase   V inflects  
She made history come alive with tales from her own memories...     
7    If you say that someone or something is alive and kicking, you are emphasizing not only that they continue to survive, but also that they are very active.  
alive and kicking      phrase   v-link PHR     (emphasis)    ...worries that the secret police may still be alive and kicking.     
8    If you say that someone or something is alive and well, you are emphasizing that they continue to survive.  
alive and well      phrase   v-link PHR     (emphasis)    A man who went missing yesterday during a blizzard has been found alive and well.     

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