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alleyway, backstreet, lane, passage, passageway, pathway, walk  
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  ( alleys    plural  ) An alley is a narrow passage or street with buildings or walls on both sides.      n-count  
    blind alley  
    bowling alley  

alley cat        ( alley cats    plural  ) An alley cat is a cat that lives in the streets of a town, is rather fierce, and is usually not owned by anyone.      n-count  
blind alley        ( blind alleys    plural  ) If you describe a situation as a blind alley, you mean that progress is not possible or that the situation can have no useful results.      n-count   (=dead end)  
The Internet has proved a blind alley for many firms.     
bowling alley        ( bowling alleys    plural  ) A bowling alley is a building which contains several tracks for bowling.      n-count  

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