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affiliated, amalgamated, associated, bound, combined, confederate, connected, hand in glove     (informal)   in cahoots     (U.S. informal)   in league, joined, joint, kindred, leagued, linked, married, related, unified, united, wed  
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1       adj   Allied forces or troops are armies from different countries who are fighting on the same side in a war.  
ADJ n  
...the approaching Allied forces...     
2       adj   Allied countries, troops, or political parties are united by a political or military agreement.  
ADJ n, v-link ADJ to n  
...forces from three allied nations.     
3       adj   If one thing or group is alliedto another, it is related to it because the two things have particular qualities or characteristics in common.  
v-link ADJ to/with n, ADJ n   (=associated)  
...lectures on subjects allied to health, beauty and fitness...     
4       adj   Something that is alliedto another thing occurs with the other thing.  
FORMAL   v-link ADJ to/with n   (=coupled)  
He possessed a raw energy allied to a feeling of something special., ...a disastrous rise in interest rates allied with a stock market slump.     

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