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allotment, allowance, apportionment, appropriation, grant, lot, measure, portion, quota, ration, share, stint, stipend  
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  ( allocations    plural  )
1       n-count   An allocation is an amount of something, especially money, that is given to a particular person or used for a particular purpose.  
The aid allocation for Pakistan was still under review...     
2       n-uncount   The allocation of something is the decision that it should be given to a particular person or used for a particular purpose.  
usu with supp  
Town planning and land allocation had to be coordinated.     

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! FAT (File Allocation Table) n.
In computer science, the File Allocation Table (FAT) is a file system popularized by Microsoft in the 1980's in their earliest computers. The FAT file system has continued to be developed and now comes in multiple varieties such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT.
[Tech.];[Comp.] Look at that floppy disk, see if it is formatted with the FAT file system.

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abbr. acron.
File Allocation Table
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