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1    aggravation, anger, bedevilment, bother, displeasure, disturbance, exasperation, grief     (informal)   harassment, hassle     (informal)   irritation, nuisance, provocation, trouble, vexation  
2    bind     (informal)   bore, bother, drag     (informal)   gall, nuisance, pain     (informal)   pain in the arse     (taboo informal)   pain in the neck     (informal)   pest, plague, tease  
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  ( annoyances    plural  )
1       n-uncount   Annoyance is the feeling that you get when someone makes you feel fairly angry or impatient.  
oft with poss   (=irritation)  
To her annoyance the stranger did not go away...     
2       n-count   An annoyance is something that makes you feel angry or impatient.  
usu sing  
Inconsiderate neighbours can be more than an annoyance.     

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