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1    innominateness, namelessness  
2    characterlessness, unremarkability or unremarkableness, unsingularity  
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1       adj   If you remain anonymous when you do something, you do not let people know that you were the person who did it.  
You can remain anonymous if you wish..., An anonymous benefactor stepped in to provide the prize money., ...anonymous phone calls.     
   anonymity             n-uncount  
Both mother and daughter, who have requested anonymity, are doing fine.     
  anonymously      adv  
The latest photographs were sent anonymously to the magazine's Paris headquarters.     
2       adj   Something that is anonymous does not reveal who you are.  
usu ADJ n  
Of course, that would have to be by anonymous vote.     
   anonymity             n-uncount   with supp  
He claims many more people would support him in the anonymity of a voting booth.     
3       adj   If you describe a place as anonymous, you dislike it because it has no unusual or interesting features and seems unwelcoming.,   (disapproval)    It's nice to stay in a home rather than in an anonymous holiday villa.     
   anonymity             n-uncount  
...the anonymity of the rented room.     

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