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1    aid, assist, be effective, benefit, be of advantage, be of use, be useful, help, profit, serve, work  
2    avail oneself of      employ, exploit, have recourse to, make the most of, make use of, profit from, take advantage of, turn to account, use, utilize  
3    advantage, aid, assistance, benefit, boot     (obsolete)   effectiveness, efficacy, good, help, mileage     (informal)   profit, purpose, service, use, usefulness, utility  
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  ( avails    3rd person present)   ( availing    present participle)   ( availed    past tense & past participle  )
1    If you do something to no avail or to little avail, what you do fails to achieve what you want.  
to/of no avail, to/of little avail      phrase   PHR after v, v-link PHR  
His efforts were to no avail...     
2       verb   If you availyourself of an offer or an opportunity, you accept the offer or make use of the opportunity.  
FORMAL   Guests should feel at liberty to avail themselves of your facilities.      V pron-refl of n  

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